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[VIC]anyone pulled over at Yering Station Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twistngo, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. The police were set up in the driveway and pulling in riders from the Melba Highway. In a PR coup they got about 1/2 the marshalls for the Yarra Valley instructed rides. Good one.

  2. We got pulled over on Old Healsville road. Licence, rego checks and a quick kick of tyres.
  3. They just pull you over for no reason in Vic? Wtf? Up here you actually need to break a law
  4. They're saving you from yourself.
  5. Kitten rescue squad
  6. I saw heaps more cops than I usually do on my alternative route between Selby and Dandenong. 1 marked cop bike who pulled me over, 1 unmarked cop bike and a drugs bus full of them.
  7. Where is Yering Station?
  8. As you go to Yarra Glenn from Coldstream, it's on the right hand side on the lovely nice left hander. It's an up market winery/hotel/restaurant. Always watch out for drunk rich people pulling out of the car park there, because you're always going faster than their brains think you could possibly be going around that corner. Ah, the memories. :)
  9. Well basically, in Victoria everyone on the road is either breaking some law or another, or is likely to do so soon, in which case they pull you over for your own good. ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)
  10. Ah yes I know that cheeky little minx well, the first decent corner after a long boring section. Hardly the kitten killing fields though. I did hear something that put a smile on my face over the weekend, a friend of mine who got stitched up in the BS got to go another round with the light weights in the blue corner. Aah good times.
  11. My daughter had an interesting experience in Geelong last night.

    Got pulled over by the boys in blue, they asked her if she'd been drinking, she told them she hadn't and they never did a breathalyser?? Guy was more interested in asking her about some piercing's she had, didn't do licence check, or anything, which is strange, because she usually always gets asked for ID at pubs & clubs.

    Maybe just needed a stat.
  12. maybe he just saw she was hot and wanted to know about her piercings, lol.
  13. Up here you have to do what?

    Nope. I and others have been pulled over because police thought we were going faster than they would like us too. Or similar. All separate incidents. I've been pulled over around half a dozen times for a chat without police saying anything about broken rules. Usually includes a breath test to justify it.
  14. Exactly what did they get the marshalls for?

    And if they were breaking the law it's not setting a good example for the learners, is it?
  15. sorry, they didn't book them, just pulled them over for a chat!
  16. While the other half of us sat outside wondering what the heck was happening: especially as the 'Ride Leader' was the first to be waved in :-w
  17. Well I can't see nothing wrong.
    Instructors were perfectly showing everyone a normal riding experince and what to expect on a perfect riding day just because you ride a bike....

    Loosing a mate for some 30 min or so because he's been pulled over for a chat is as common as setting up for the next bend....](*,)](*,)

    Just another skill to learn... :p
  18. Yering Station is the winery.

    There were cops in the bottom carpark at Reefton in an unmarked Bombadore pulling bikes in for defect checking. Aussieak was there waiting for me, and they came over for a look. He tells me they seemed puzzled that he'd pull in voluntarily, but they didn't say anything, just had a quick look.