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[VIC] Anyone interested for a day ride next Wed (March 28)?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bluesuede, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Ok I'm fairly new to the forums, been mostly lurking, and haven't had a chance to make it to a coffee night yet due to restrictions of children and work. I've taken some time off work next week and wondered if there might be anyone keen for a mid-week ride (daytime) next Wednesday?

    I'm open to suggestions for location (departing from Melbourne) - mostly interested in a cruise/sightseeing rather than a mad dash through the twisties. Would be great if it was an all day thing if there is anyone free who'd like to go along! I'm definitely going to heading off, would be great to have some company and meet some of you in the process.

    If there's anyone available and interested, all are welcome! :)

  2. I might be able to do this. :grin: You know the city better than me..any ideas on where to go?
  3. Well I'm up for suggestions, but midweek down along the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay (or further) if anyone wants a coastal trip would probably be good, or something inland - up Mt Buffalo perhaps, or really anything! I was originally intending to just get on the bike and see where I ended up, but thought it would probably be better to get some company and set a destination. Stopping for lunch for a good pub meal somewhere along the way of course!
  4. If it's still this bloody hot, the GOR's not a bad idea.
  5. +1 but if it's still this windy I think I'll give that rd a miss.

    How long all up to do the GOR (from the city) ? Factoring in lunch etc.
  6. I haven't ridden the GOR, midweek would be good (less tourists etc), I may wll be up for this if you don't mind me tagging along on the 2fiddy, I obviously won't be going at warp factor 9 :LOL:
  7. It's been a little while since I've done it - if I remember rightly Melb to Geelong is under an hour, then Geelong to wherever will depend a lot on day of week and number of tourists in cages crawling along the route - another hour or so to Lorne from Geelong perhaps, another hour on top of that to Apollo Bay....

    Perhaps someone who has done it more recently could give you a better idea of all up time - but traffic should be good given it will be midweek.
  8. As long as it has two wheels, anybody is welcome! Its not about wanting to get the best lap time, its just about the fun of cruising along and seeing some of the spectacular scenery Vic has to offer, meet some new people, and take in a good lunch somewhere...dinner too if people are keen. :grin:
  9. Okay..I'm definitely in for this. :) It's going to be a big week for riding!! Tuesday I'm headed to the Prom, Wednesday GOR (?), and Friday Alpine way... \:D/

    Bluesuede - I don't have a curfew so dinner is good for me too. :)

    Hopper - hope you can come along too :grin: - I'm on a 250 as well so it's gonna be all sweetness and chuggin along. :wink: :twisted:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.