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(VIC) Anyone got a tyre groover?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slickncghia, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. G'day Melbournians,

    Anyone fancy themselves a bit of a gun slick groover?

    theres some beers and good karma in it for you.

    pm me.


  2. Once your treads gone on a bike, there isnt any thing left. unless your talking car or truck tyres.
  3. slicks mate. using for tack, but making them look vaugley road legal if i cbf taking them on and off straight away. or if i need a new tyre in a pinch
  4. [​IMG]

    Send Beer to: ......


    Or just don't get caught. :)
  5. just put them on the stove for 5mins and bobs your uncle
  6. i did a burnout on the drain grate left 3 nice perfectly spaced lines on my back tyre, and i shit you not worked better in the wet! a 3 second burnout was good enough, lasted ages before i wore it down enough, but they were already treaded not slicks
  7. An excessively long bolt sticking trough your mudguard can have the right effect........
  8. Ill just put it up on the stand, put it in first and just use a chissle.... lather style :p

    carn. i know someone has one... maybe im looking in the wrong type of forum lol
  9. I've turned rubber on a lathe. It works but you have to freeze it first and then work quickly before it thaws out. Working in an unheated workshop in a UK winter helped.