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(VIC) Anyone dealt with the Sheriff's office?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pugsly, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I seem to remember that there is a Netrider who works for the sheriff's office, but I couldn't remember who, and my search fu is failing me.

    My family and I moved house late last year. The previous residents of the house haven't appear to have done any mail forwarding, so we're getting a bit of mail for them.

    We're returning to sender all the mail, but today a letter came from the Sheriff's office that was accidentally opened (looked important, didn't check who it was addressed to closely enough).
    There appears to be an unpaid fine and a warrant for one of the previous residents and the Sheriff is going to do whatever they do in that situation, which appears to be rocking up and taking stuff.

    Now, not wanting that to happen, as we have no connection with the previous resident, my wife called the Sheriff's office, but they told her nothing much could be done.

    So has anyone dealt with the Sheriff looking for someone who doesn't live where you now live? What's the most effective way to ensure they don't even turn up in the first place?
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  2. I had a previous tenant at a place I rented who did the same - I kept returning to sender.

    Sherriff rocked up on night - I gave them my id to prove i wasn't them and the name of the property manager - they were happy with that.
  3. Paging MelbourneMick
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  4. shoot him but don't shoot the deputy
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  5. i would of thought your ID would suffice... clearly if its not you who owes the money or whatever it is then they have no business with you?
  6. tell them your name and that you have been forwarding previous tenants mail
  7. Letter from the landlord/property manager should be enough, they won't accept a persons word over the phone without any proof.
  8. You almost make it sound like someone might fail to pay a fine intentionally, then lie to get out of it!

    Being a moderator truly does crush a man's trust in humankind :(.
  9. I've dealt with sherifs in a similar situation. You shouldn't have a problem, but your ID probably is not enough. You may have to prove the person no longer lives at that address.
  10. I own the house mate. Or the bank does, and I own a few bricks.

    How the heck am I supposed to do that? I can prove I live here, but I can't prove that someone else doesn't. The best I can do is produce an affadavit.
  11. Bill of sale, a receipt etc when the previous person moved out, it aint that hard surely.
  12. Not sure if you are taking the piss there but if it was humour it sort of fell flat mate.
  13. yeah so there
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  14. Contract of sale, yes. Have that.

    MelbourneMick doesn't appear to be on the forum anymore. Can anyone pm me his email address? I'd rather stop this now before anyone comes to the house and scares the wife.

  15. That tickled me
  16. You bastard Greg, now I've got that bloody song in my head :p
  17. there is nothing to worry about let them knock on your door, you say its not me mate that's the previous tenant don't know where he's gone, this is or was the real estate agent if your still worried ring them yourself and tell them to bring a photo with them when they come
  18. Yeah, my execution of that one doesn't work so well :(.
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  19. So I called Civic Compliance Victoria/Sheriff to let them know the donkey that got the fine doesn't live here. They are not interested. They'll simply keep sending them, and we need to keep returning to sender until to knob changes his address. That's the long and the short of it. We'll have to deal with the sheriff turning up from time to time until he changes his address too.

    I'm a wee bit annoyed that there isn't a straightforward process to sort this out.