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[VIC] Any shops in ringwood that you can reccomend??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Booki, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Gday guys im looking for some gear...mainly jeans but if i come across some boots..
    What should i look for in boots? Ive only ever had dirtbike boots.

    But yea, if someone can reccomend me a shop that will look after me and give me a good deal. Maybe somewhere where my netrider membership will save me some $$$ :grin:
  2. You haven't looked hard enough

  3. ^ I think the OP was asking which ones we recommend, not do they exist.

    Yep Bikemart are great - no high pressure, let you try heaps of stuff on and will spend time with you answering your questions.
  4. Ah sorry i havn't done my research. Got home from paintball today and i am kinda dead....also in a world of hurt ha ha.
  5. Bikemart are a netrider recommended shop.
    Discounts etc.
  6. oh ok. So do i present my card or mention netrider? Because i dont see them on the preferred partners listing.
  7. Just show them your card. Guaranteed great service from Bikemart.
  8. Bikemart are awesome
    I still use them now even after we have moved down here to Hobart

    Better service is not easy to find

  9. Bikemart gets my vote too !
    Excellent service :)
  10. bikemart +1

    i didnt get most of my gear initially there, got that from the dealer =\ but lod man got all his there.

    also bought some jeans together the other day, same guy who served us first time (max i think?) n yeh, helped, discounts etc

    top stuff :)
  11. bikemart, or Metro Honda.
    both have looked after me.

    dont bother with PS. all theyre good for is the hot chicks they employ :grin:
  12. I bought a helmet from Bike Mart about six months ago, and I have no idea about the service you guys are talking about.
    No one spoke to me until I got to the register.