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[Vic] Any DJ's, Producers, Maschine/MPC users, Vocalists or Musicians around?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Freeform, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I DJ a fair bit in my spare time, and am getting into production.
    Also like making beats on Maschine.

    I'm also studying a Audio Production @ SAE, we have some pretty well equipped studios and I'm always looking for talent to record/master for projects and experience.

    Hit me up if you wan't to jam, mix, or if your a musician/vocalist/band of any sorts and want some free professional studio time!

    Its all about networking ;)


  2. A truly generous offer Shem, nice one. I know how expensive studio time was a long time ago.
  3. Thanks nite :), yeah its a pain if your an up and coming band not backed by one of the corporations, its hard to let the general public know about the opportunity though.

    Its a win win because it gives me more experience in doing what I love.
  4. I've actually thought of a mate of mine in Melbourne - his 2 sons were in a band called "Dire Fate", but I'm not sure if they're still together.
    Have sent him a message anyways, so I'll let you know.
    Networking indeed!
  5. ex Dj here, oh those where the days, then u get old
  6. Freeform,
    Played in some bands as a drummer a few years back. With one of the bands, our lead guitarist/song writer/singer's brother worked for Mushroom Records.
    We were invited to a free studio recording session, something which doesn't fall in your lap everyday, especially with the above-mentioned producer but due to work commitments (packed up my belongings in my then tiny 323 Mazda Hatch and left Melbourne to start off my non-musical career) I couldn't attend....
    To this day I live in 'What if' mode, wondering what might have come of the session. I subsequently lost touch with all the band members - who knows which successful band they are nowadays or what came of that 'one chance of a lifetime' opportunity ?
    Your offer is indeed very generous.
  7. My drummer isn't doing anything lately.

    It's in a box in the cupboard.
  8. Freeform - I have an old school mate who is interested, how can I put him in touch with you? Cheers.
  9. Of course russ, I'll pm you my email.

    A shame nickers, but hey, you can always get back into it in your free time, most of the producers/bands/dj's I admire the most just did it as a hobby on the occasional weeknight, recorded some demo's, met some people and hey look at them now.

    But your right, it is very much a right place right time business, thats how I got all my breaks anyway.

    oh and Goz, don't use getting old as an excuse, or I'll express post a wheelchair and a helper monkey to your place...

    :edit: hang on...I want a wheelchair and a helper monkey...
  10. I've heard from my mate and Dire Fate are "dead keen" to hit the studio - they've been saving to record an album so I imagine this will be excellent practise...
    PM me your details and I'll hook you up - you're awesome.
  11. FreeForm. That wouldn't have anything to do with Freeformation and Kevin Energy would it? If not just think of me being crazy and talking nonsense lol
  12. SAE in South Melbourne? Is there a guy with a really bad mohawk in your class?

    I play bass & guitar but I don't really have any bands on the go at the moment, generous offor though!
  13. Yeah I know the mohawk guy, there is Aaron who rides as well, might be one and the same :)

    Just to let you all know holidays are fast approaching and that means lots of time to work on projects outside of uni, in 3 weeks the studios are free for interested parties.
  14. Oh and Jay it represents a lot of things ;)
  15. Next time you see him, say "Nice haircut D*ckhead"


    He'll love it, seriously.

    He doesn't ride, but he's a good drummer.