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VIC [Vic] Another traffic Blitz, 8 top traffic crash zones statewide.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/mo...curb-road-deaths/story-fn7x8me2-1226157574887


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    What do you guys think about the focus on motorcycles?? Last year a good portion of the rider fatalities was SMIDSY related.


  2. 10 Motorcycle deaths and overall 30% related to speed so 3 motorcyclists allegedly related to speed. That would tend to suggest their emphasis is completely wrong based on their own published facts.

    October spikes in injury and death rates are easily explained, improving weather, in some cases skills atrophied because of lack of use. Roads still not completely dry in all places and weather still variable so you can be caught out in storms where visibility is low.

    A campaign to ease people back in to the riding season would be much more effective.
  3. Good to know the VicPol have a bit of focus on motoryclist and mentioning that other road users must also be aware of rider presence. Herald Sun on the other hand didn't think it was necessary...
  4. Half a nod toward SMIDSY, and I think it's fair to credit John Voyage, MB and Chef with that.
    Otherwise... half a step toward mandated clothing? pinch of defecting (with the GP coming up)? Tired old 'risky behaviour' and that other one... I forget...

    Not too much new there, guess we'll see how they behave at PI this time.
  5. I like the last line thrown in about other road users looking out for motorcyclists...
    Seemed a little different to their everything is up to motorcyclists attitude in the last few years..

    Then I may be wrong????
  6. That's just where the statisics fall down. You simply can't say that from the data presented. It could be that all or none of the motorcycle fatalities were speed related. I note you added the 'allegedly' but fluffy statistical data like this is worse than useless as it can be manipulated by any group to back up their own agenda. Two separate accurate statements by the man get combined unthinkingly into one false (or at least unproven) statement.
  7. Traditionally every October Vic Pol run operations involving motorcycles. This is as stated in the article the weather warms up and the fair weather riders amongst us come out and right from the first time the hop on their stead think that they have never had a break and go full on at it.

    As there are more riders on the roads of course the statistics involving motorcyclists goes up. But the jump from what I can only guess is 1 maybe 2 deaths per month to jump to 10 means something has to be done. What that is I don't know, but maybe just maybe by a bike being pulled over and IF the rider is unlicensed for the type of bike they are on or unlicensed for whatever reason or the mere fact that a cage driver sees a bike pulled over and thinks to themselves "oh look a bike" they may look out more and save a life.

    So the question is what can be done to stop the spike in motorcyclists deaths around October?
  8. Gee I should have read cjvfr's thread better. Heres one idea, but do you think those who have not ridden all winter do these courses?

  9. The crackdown, Operation Super Harassment is more like it.

    It's a small acknowledgement but they have a very long way to go. I would hope his statements are backed up by the police not acting like hoons and harassing motorcyclists.

    We’ll soon find out.
  10. This weekend last year, four motorcycle fatality crashes occurred. Three were obvious SMIDSY's - driver failing to give way to the motorcycle. (Checked last years fatality thread). I don't know what the contributory causes were but it would seem that a blitz wouldn't have had any impact on that weekend's results.

    Two thirds of all crashes involve a second vehicle. More than half of these crashes are SMIDSY's. What that tells me that it's a road system thing - drivers aren't ready for riders to hit the roads in October. October should be the time to run driver awareness campaigns, NOT rider fear campaigns.

    A blitz that doesn't target and cannot target a SMIDSY root cause will only be targetting the secondary & tertiary causes. Of course the blitz might save a life, but this demonstrates perfectly how inside the box the authority's thinking is. Once upon a time, the problem was coconut sized and the bringing of a sledge hammer to crack the coconut yielded results. The problem has been reduced to walnut sized though, but the same old tired thinking results in the bringing of a wrecking ball. It's time for a paradigm shift and some innovation.
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  11. Fair enough, point taken and I agree.

    So a suggestion for some type of driver education to make them more aware of motorcycles. (That makes sense as long as its not like the TAC commercial thats airing now it needs to be more bike aware.)

    Any other ideas? Even from outside the box welcome.
  12. TAC has got an anti-SMIDSY ad that they used to run - they could have easily run that one at this time of year. Although I have to say I don't think ads are the most effective way to change behaviour.

    How about putting as many police solos out on the roads as possible at this time of year, pulling over cars? At least that would make drivers more interested in paying attention to bikes.
  13. The bit about making drivers more interested in paying attention to bikes, is what I was the point I was trying to make before where bikes being pulled over by Police, but I like this idea much better. It is a multi prong approach. It shows a Police presence (which is what Joe Public always want), it uses Police motorbikes and it makes people think about bikes.

    I've heard through the g****vine that there is currently a shake up at the Police Solo unit so who knows maybe this is closer to reality than we think.

    Thanks Titus, anymore? anyone?
  14. Who do TAC consult with before they run these adds? (besides Chef's other thread)
    Do we as motorcyclists have a body representing us?
    How do we change behaviour?
  15. Get filtering approved, which means driver education will HAVE to include looking out for motorcyclists - this will produce a multiple ripple effect and save TAC and gubbment lots of money on annual stupid ad campaigns and annual wrecking ball style blitzes that seem to be the authorities being seen to be doing something.
  16. Directly from the horses mouth, I was told that TAC have a test group which apparently includes motorcyclists. The adds are designed in conjunction with this group and then market tested before being released to ensure that the desired message is received by the desired target group.

    ...what's that? Guffaws from the gallery???
  17. What about more unmarked police bikes, that light up like Christmas trees when they observe an offence? The more people who see cars pulled over by plain bikes may start to "see" riders a bit more. An initial high cost outlay and media campaign - "You may just SMIDSY a ticket!" Could assist in starting to get cagers to think more, at least to worry enough about getting themselves in the shit, since they don't care about us. Which could in turn lower the collission rate and there by recoup the cost of the bikes in ongoing medical costs. Maybe?

    I'll go back under my rock now with the glass of red. 8-[

  18. I like this idea, Day, and has anyone else noticed when riding/approaching a vehicle from behind on a freeway etc at night how instantly everyone seems to reduce/stick to the speed limit...well, until you pass them and they then realise you aren't a cop and subsequently speed up, some in anger because you 'tricked' them ? Hmmmmm :-s
    Conversely during daylight hours, where the markings of the rider/bike are visible the above rarely, if ever, occurs...so having that idea in place would catch out some of these inconsiderate, dangerous and apathetic road users.
  19. The anti-Smidsy advert was "Look and look again for motorcycles" funded by levy money and was an adaption of one of the UK Think! ads. It was pushed for by the old VMAC and took a lot of persuasion for it to be made.

    The other advert that originated back in 2009 was a purely TAC advert - the TAC did not show it or ask for input from VMAC and the first members knew of it was a couple of hours before the official release when they invited members to the launch!

    Current representative body politically is the Victorian Motorcycle Council - Rob Salv and Cheffie are involved with the VMC.

    VMAC has been replaced by a Motorcycle Advisory Group, slightly less rider representation and under the new terms of reference reports to VicRoads, not the Minister so has much less ability to influence anything.

    Not that it matters, the TAC will go their own way anyway. The TAC ads are funded by the TAC and don't need to have any input from anyone. Had they been levy funded then VMAC would have had to be consulted.

    We need a seperate independent Road Safety Authority, totally divorced from the TAC and VicRoads.
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  20. There is something in what you say, even though I don't care for it. My only concern is that it only gets the attention of those drivers who are knowingly committing an offense - and those witnessing the 'catch'. Generally, drivers will ignore the bike unless the lights go on. Whereas marked bikes have an effect at all times. This is my prejudice against covert tactics, admittedly.

    Having said that, you could evaluate the effectiveness of this tactic as it is already used on the Eastern Freeway transit lane. Does it work there?