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(vic) another new guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by spenaroo, May 30, 2011.

  1. well i thought id wait till i had my bike in the garage to post, but i posted in another thread so thought i may as well introduce myself.

    gday im spencer,
    im a 19yr old male form melbourne (chirnside park)
    ive allways loved bikes and some of my earliest memorys are of my fathers bikes (a traily of some sort and an yamaha road bike, cant remeber exactly what it was but it looked like an fzr. only info i remember him telling me was its a 250 made into a 300 or 350. and it nearly killed him a few times with powerband coming on at bad times) he sold them when i was around 5 due to family etc... and never got another one. been looking at times and ridden a few

    i always wanted to get a bike of my own (road bike) but decided to put it off thanks to my dads advice about waiting till im more mature. (could get L's at 16 when i lived in SA) however the family did get some dirt bikes a few years ago. the first was a 110cc quad-fun but i crashed it into a tree at decent speed. then a 410te husky- scared the sh!t out of me. so i bought a 125cc jianshe off one of my fathers employees. love the bike always been reliable and never had any problems. however its been sitting for over 12 months so is in pieces waiting for a drain and carby clean.

    earlier this year i went on a volunteer mission to sierra leone. it was meant to last 2 years. but i got depression and was sent home due to the treatment not bieng effective. during this time the only thing that got me through was this image of riding a bike past a local gas station. it was so clear and realistic . the thoughts then turned to getting a license etc.. to make this a reality

    well a week into getting home ive booked a license test, and next thing i know ive passed somehow and now seriously look for a bike. my dream bike has always been an fzr, as i love the bikes of that era. so my first choice was an fzr250. but i found the cbf250 i learned on a bit wide, as was the 4 cylinder bikes i sat on. so the next choice was the vt 250 spada. i loved the looks especially the alloy frame. and when i sat on one it was perfect its was small, light, narrow and fit me like a glove. however my father thought that it was too old especially for the price. so after more looking and arguing he found a bike that we both agreed on a 1999 vtr 250 in red, i looked at it and fell in love. i put a deposit on it yesterday after looking at every bikeshop in an hour or so drive. and long talks with my father. (haha, he did the dealing on the phone after i had seen the bike and told him all about it including every scratch...... then introduced myself the next day as his son to put down the deposit - knocked a significant amount of money off the price)

    so now im waiting to pick it up.......... man its so hard im just so excited, cant wait to ride it. i still have a fzr as my dream bike but think ill get a 600cc or bigger one when im off LAMS, or as a project bike
  2. Welcome mate :)

    Wow, full on intro, glad you were able to pull through the hard times.

    Come down to the Saturday morning sessions in St.Kilda once you get comfortable with the bike, it's a bit of a hike for you but you'll be able to catch a glimpse of two awesome FZRs (and their riders) :biker:

  3. Wow that could be the longest welcome post ever . Well done and welcome to netrider we hope you have fun =D>
  4. nope definitely been longer ones :)

    Welcome man
  5. nope definitely been longer ones :)

    Welcome man
  6. thanks for the welcome,
    im very keen to come out to the learners sessions. but will wait till ive got a bit more confidence on the bike to make the ride there. but hope to be involved in the community. as ive always loved going on cruises etc... with my car. so cant wait to go on some rides.

    that being said i am a bit nervous about picking up the bike, as ill have to take the eastlink home. but at least i get to hear the V-twin in the tunnel (hooray for staintune exhausts). and ill make the ride during the day when there is almost no traffic.

    also is there a good thread on riding at night? as i was driving last night and wondered how you are meant to look at the corner exit when you cant see it as your light is pointing forward.

    oh and i believe that my fathers bike was one of the last yamaha rz (originally 250, but was common to convert it into a 350 by swapping the engine internals) very similar to this bike actually.... almost as i remember it
  7. Hi Spencer and welcome to NR
  8. That intro was the highlight of my day so far. I'm sitting here at work with a thumping headach and just read this and it put a huge smile on my face. It's nice to hear other people express the passion they have for bikes.

    I hope the bike is everything you want it to be and more and I'll keep an eye out for you on the roads although i'm from down south Gippy. There are some great rides down here so when you up for a bit of country road twisties look me up.

  9. Welcome to the forum matey take it easy and ride with your heart not your head ;)
  10. Welcome to NR, Spencer. Riding is the only therapy you will ever need! Check my Signature and you'll understand!

    Ride Safe.
  11. Sorry to hear of your depression, sounds like you're recovering well. Have you got the bike yet? Welcome to the forummm