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[Vic] Alpine trip 27th-29th December (experienced)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nearlyempty, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. A mate and I are heading into the Alps for a bit of a ride between Christmas and the New Year.

    Current planned route is Melbourne to Bairnsdale, up over the Alpine Road to Bright, accross to Tawonga and up the Keiwa highway toward Albury before heading toward the NSW Alpine Way possibly via Bellbridge, Bungil & Mt Alfred (this bit depends on time, sore bums etc). Head out over the NSW Alpine Way to Cooma and back to Melbourne via the Monaro highway and Cann River.

    Some of the exact details may change slightly, but that's the basic idea.

    This isn't an 'organised' ride and we'll be going whether or not anyone else wants to tag along. I'd expect people to know pretty much where they are going as there won't be any corner markers, hv vests, marshals or police escorts. I just thought I'd open this ride up in case anyone fancies joining us on a bit of a trek during the festive season.

    This is a long ride, taken over three days and so I'd expect anyone wanting to come to be happy with that (hence the experienced comment in the title). You'll need to sort out your own accommodation (I'll be looking to book a couple of motels for possibly Bright and either Cooma or Cann River through ratestogo a week or so before leaving), but we can all get in touch around the time we are ready to book so we are nearby.

    PM me if you're interested.

  2. Very, very tempting :)
  3. AHHHHH crap, your going Mouth...... now I cant go :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Just kidding.,,.. Would be great to go riding with you again Mouth
  4. So... come along then :)

    The Skuffmeister is in ...
  5. Hi Ed,

    I stay up at Mt.Beauty each Christmas and ride around with my brother in law. I will keep an eye on the progress of your ride plans and maybe we can join your group for part of it. The Tawonga Gap Road from Bright is my very favourite road. Maybe as you head up from Tawonga to Albury you could detour up The Red Bank Road (Also very good).

    Will keep watching

  6. Yeah, I've heard splendid things about the Tawonga Gap so I'm looking forward to finally riding it.
    Not aware of the Red Bank road though, is that the one that runs parallel for part of the Kiewa highway?

    You'd be more than welcome V11, it'd be great to meet up.

  7. Yep, that's the one. We went through there when we did the 4 musketeers ride. Nice stretch of road and barely any traffic.
  8. Thanks for that.
    That is the road. You get to ride along the river in places so if it's stinking hot, you can jump in and cool down realy fast!!
  9. I noticed that one or two similar rides have been organised around these dates and Jason suggested that perhaps these could be combined.
    Unfortunately, I’m pretty much set with these dates and so wouldn’t be able to change.

    If you’re trying to decide which ride would suit you best, I am currently thinking of stopping at Bright on the 27th and Jindabyne on the 28th, which would leave a long last day from Jindabyne through Cooma, Cann River and back to Melbourne. If this last bit isn’t for you then maybe the other ride would be better, or hey, you could ride with us up to Jindabyne, hook up with the other ride and head back with them - make it a four day ride instead of three :D

    Either way, as I said at the start of this thread, my mate and I will be doing this ride anyway. If you want to hook up with us great, if not then no worries (I'll be out playing all December, so plenty of chances to meet up then). 8)

  10. Hey Brother... this still on????
  11. It ... is, but it looks as though it 'might' be cut down a little.

    The guy going with me has been riding on a full license for around a year, rides an R1 and was getting a little worried by the 600 & 700km days (it turns out this is his first proper long ride).

    So, it now looks like we will head off (weather permitting - I don't fancy heading up the alps if the weather's crap) and see how he feels by around Bairnsdale. If he's feeling fine, we'll press on to Bright.

    The rest will be pretty much the same, wake up on the second day and decide whether or not we'll head up to Jindabyne, etc...
    Because of this, we'll need to book accomodation as we go, so I'll be checking to see what's available pretty much the day before, just so we know what our options are.

    We'll still be doing some great roads and it'll be a good ride, but personally I think it's a shame, purely for selfish reasons though as I really wanted to do the NSW alpine road. We still might, but it's looking doubtful :-( Maybe next time.

    I'd say that if you want more of a set itinerary or a guaranteed long ride, go on one of the other rides mate, we'll catch up some time in the New Year (I'm itching for another ride down your way anyway ;-) )

    But if you don't mind a bit of a haphazard randomness in the itinerary, quite enjoy not knowing what's happening and still fancy coming along you're more than welcome :D

    What I might do is post a meeting point and then those that fancy coming along can just turn up. As it's a decidely open ride with only a vague plan, riders could pretty much head off as they please (carry on if they want or stop early if they're not up to a long ride).

    There, vague enough for you? :LOL:
  12. Hey Ed,

    Maaaate. Bairnsdale.... I was thinking about an alternate route....

    Well, looks like I may head off on my own..... Wanted to do a big ride. So, if things change and you end up doing some serious K's, let me know. Otherwise, have fun and catch up another time.

    Sorry Ed, but I need to get some k's in..... Bored with waiting all the time and people complaining about wanting to stop all the time.. :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Hey Ed, by the way, you mentioned some other rides going that way... What other rides????
  14. Understood (I wanted the same, but you know how it is :roll: ). As it stands, it looks like I'll be spending quite a bit of time hanging around myself waiting for the little bleeder to catch up.
    Maybe I can talk the nancy boy round, offer to show him some puppies or something, or I could just leave him on his own at Bairnsdale :LOL:

    We'll catch up in the New Year, it'd be great to go for a ride again, see if I can whup your ass this time 8)
  15. Yeah, know about this one... may not happen.... :( :(
  16. Jeez mate, what's wrong with everybody? Bunch of pussies :LOL:
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: So, Ed, if your friend is as soft as he is, why bother riding an R1??? Yes, I can hear the can-o-worms opening.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Why do people buy bikes like this if they are not "really" riding them....
  18. Exactly! Makes me want to cry mate, it really does.

    He is fast though ... in a straight line :LOL: