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[VIC] Advice on mt Donna Buang & surrounds

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 99CIBBER, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm heading down to Tassie in a couple of days and thinkiing of hooking into a few nice roads on the way down.

    We're staying @ Mt Baw Baw then heading to the Spirit the following day so i've prepared a route for that leg.


    Roughly 300 kays, taking in Noojee, Reefton, Acheron Way, Mt Donna Buang (summit) Mt Donna Buang rd....

    What's the Mt Donna Buang rd like at the moment, specifically the section West of the summit rd?? Can see gravel sections on Google maps, but just looking for local advice on conditions and any advice you guys can share.

    Cheers Guys! CIBBER

  2. The road from Warby to Mt DB is sealed but if you take the Acheron Way or go from Mt DB to Healesville they've both got sizeable gravel sections.
  3. Mt Baw Baw isn't bad but it does become a secondary road without a line down the middle so be careful of 4x4's coming the other way.

    I'd be going Noojee, Poweltown (I love the tigher section as you get close to Poweltown, watch the last couple of corners as they tighten up), Yarra Junction turn right to Reeftom, Marysville, Narbethong, Healsville (Watch the Black Spur weekends as it's normally crawling with po po), Toolangi (via Chum Creek Rd), cross the Melba Hwy to Kinglake and on to St Andrews for a quiet ale at the pub.

    The rest you can work out :)
  4. The Acheron has about 15km of gravel, pot holed but OK. I was on the Donna Buang to Healesville rd a couple of weeks ago and it was very wet, slippery and muddy still. I would give it a miss for the moment unless anybody has run it more recently and can give a later report on its condition?
  5. Thanks pvda, not too worried about gravel, as long as it's relatively hard packed and not rocky like over east near Mitta Mitta!
  6. Cheers BMWRR, Really looking forward to the Noojee section over to Yarra Glen. The Reefton Spur is the main attraction for the day, so i won't be changing that part of the route. I rode the Black Spur 3 times last April (farken beauty!) so looking at a different road to explore this time.
  7. Might have to decide on the day, definately going to do the sealed run to the top of DB. Does the gravel road get much tourist traffic of logging trucks going through there? Is it maintained very often?
  8. suggest you do black spur to healesville then head to toolangi on the kinglake rd (chum creek), then to kinglake, st andrews and warrandyte. can get to the freeway easily from there and in to town.
  9. That's a nice ride through Flowerdale and Whitfield. Hope you have a great time in Tassie!
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  10. The sealed run up to DB is fun, lots of Bi-cyclists use it too so be aware. ;)

    The Acheron is a very pretty run, there is a spot right by the river with a grassy bank to sit on and have a break just before the unsealed section starts. Worth stopping there. The sealed part is fine if narrow, gets little traffic and it is in the water catchment area for Melbourne so no logging trucks. You do get tourists through so be careful on blind corners.

    Maintenance is not too often it definitely has pot holes at the moment so on the dirt part you need to take it easy. All in all a worthwhile run.
  11. Not to mention refreshing to cool down in!

    Last time I did a run up DB I was the only person on it....

    Might of had something to do with the torrential downpour....

    Great fun was had!
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    Cheers guys! Leaving Sydney on Sunday. First stop Eden, then mt baw baw then onto the big boat to Tassie. 6 days riding anti clockwise. I'll have my "bitchin bitumen" mb atlas as a guide. It's going to be epic!! Fark yeah!!
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    I'm actually heading to Tassie on Monday week, the 27th. But only for 4 days and plan to do it the same way ...

    Seems like a bit of traffic headed that way in the next few weeks as I also know a group of 30 going on the 24th .... geeze the island will be full :)

  14. Crikey! a group of thirty, I hope the island does run out of fuel!! :) I've pencilled in a loop run out to Cradle Mtn on the 28th. I'll be returning to the mainland on the Tuesday night.
  15. Have you included the HOG trip to Tassie in those numbers?
  16. That 30 is another group of V-twin riders, but not hogs.
  17. That's our first day, we'll be going from the boat to Strahan that day.

    I'll wave :))