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Vic, Adventure rider first post!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pkrider5690, May 16, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I'm based in Melbourne, originally far west SA. Currently riding a DR650se with full mods for Adventure.
    I actually want to ask if anybody knows what the Vic police are doing (or have done) with the KTM500exc's now that they have the new Huskie motards?? I need something light to cane on short trips and day rides. And they might be auctioning off a shitload of them cheap!$$

  2. welcome aboard :) cant help with the auction
  3. Hi & welcome, I too have a DR, haven't heard anything about the Kato's, but would be interested if you hear anything.
  4. Welcome mate, I love my DR though it's a commuter more than an adventure bike :cool:
  5. Light 'adventure/trail' bike to cane on short trips?
    I know I would.
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  6. Welcome to NR Pkrider5690Pkrider5690!
    Look around the site and search for adventure style threads. I can't help you with the enquiry but I'm sure other NR peeps will be able to help you there :)

    There's some amazing riders here that have been adventuring (going round Australia) on other smaller bikes, so surprising things !!

    Good luck!
  7. Welcome to the forum mate
  8. I'll post whatever I find out, they trick them up and treat them well, a mate in DRW has one which he just completed the Fink rally with (he upgraded the FMS for more power...wtf??)
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  10. Thanks guys, we may have missed the boat, given they already have the Huskies. Heres a still photo from a trip with two mates around the Great Australian Bite back in December, every beach from Pt Lincoln to Cactus beach. Surf on your left, sand hills on the right and no one else in sight. My dream trip. image.
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  11. I browse the auctions from time to time but like most VicPol stuff it would turn up on Pickles or Manheim, there are still a couple KTMs in service I've been told. But dirt bikes/motards don't last long at the auctions, especially ones in reasonable nick as they'd come from VicPol. They also tend to fetch a high price, when at the auctions I've seen them go for near as makes no difference bikesales prices, and those bikes have some rego. Auctions are great if you want an ex postie bike as we can't buy the equivalent retail or if you want a track only bike or a parts donor for your bike, but for a registrable bike there is often too much interest to get the bargains.
  12. Hey Spiritech, thanks for the info, I agree, they don't seem to be any cheaper from what I've seen, and even though they are well serviced, the day trips and city stuff takes its toll on the gearboxes. BUT....I would still have one!