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[VIC] Ad-hoc ride tomorrow?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. I know lots of people are going to lots of things over the next few days, but is anyone interested in a local ride tomorrow? I don't have to go home now till Saturday, so Friday's free (apart from Southbank)
    I have been asked to go on the Cranbourne to PI ride, but it's a fair distance to get to the start, then ride down there, and then ride back, and then to Wollongong on Saturday.......
    Maybe Black Spur, Kinglake loop?? (Watching out for green Pulsars, of course, :LOL: :LOL: :evil:)

  2. I'd be in it.... Except I'm booked in to drive my nanna around the city. Sure you'll have a ball.
  3. Hey Paul,
    I'll be free in the arvo 3-ish if nobody has taken up your offer... hope you don't mind passing L platers... I need to face that Chum Creek Rd demon again...
  4. Im in now that this was posted :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Where and when?
  5. Drat - managed to get my bike booked in for its 1,000km service pre GP weekend/Cornering School ........ so sadly am a No - but would have loved to - still haven't done the Spur on the SV yet :)
  6. Love to Paul but have to work dammit.
    Hope you get a good one in.
  7. I've been wanting to ring you Paul, I havent got you number on me and I haven't been home in daylight all week. My bad. I have just got back to work from running around the big smoke and I wont be home for another hour.

    Happy to go for a ride tomorrow as long as I get in part of a day at home to catch up on some jobs.

    Tell me where and when?
  8. I'd be up for it in the afternoon, i've got a few things on in the morning, but could be out that way by about lunchtime..
  9. I will be in on that, if its in the arvo. Gotta sort out some stuff at uni so after around 3ish is good for me too.

    I did that route on wednesday and the roads were pretty dry but dont mind doing it again.
  10. Don't forget to go through Christmas Hills on the way to Healesville. There are less traffic lights than Maroondah Hwy and it's a great ride to Yarra Glen. I drive out there every few weeks to see friends. Haven't riden out there yet but am itching to. I'm very envious. The weather should be perfect. Have a great day.

  11. So afternoon it is, that's ok, I can sleep in a bit and then do a snivel round a few bike shops.

    Dave, can you join in if we start from somewhere closer to Melbourne and ride where the guys suggest?

    So one of you locals suggest a place to start, time etc, and I'll be there...

    Give me a call; (0413) 055 088
  12. Tempting, but I think I'll wait until I've done the learner ride through Toolangi in Oct before battling the spur or Kinglake. I've never done them! I've done Christmas Hills. That was fun.
  13. My suggestion:
    meet at Nunawading Maccas corner of Springvale rd and Whitehorse rd @1430.
    Cruise on trough to healesville, through the spur.
    U bolt at narbethong, back through spur.
    Through healesville, Chum ck road
    Though to Kinglake, down St Andrews rd, through St Andrews.
    Depart separate ways

    Im more than open to change.
  14. Or include Christmas hills in there like Jen suggested.
  15. Sounds good, 0410121251, put me down as an almost definite maybe, still getting the dririder jacket repared and I loathe my storm suit. Black spur and reefton perhaps? always makes a nice loop to peel off to go through kinglake... (is reefton closed atm??, that snow season bs going on.)
  16. Sorry double post :?
  17. My suggestion for the way up would be to go through Warrandyte then Christmas Hills. From Christmas Hills there are two very pretty rides to Healesville. Sorry guys I can't remember the road names. You'll have to look it up in the morn.

    Option 1. From Christmas Hills you come into Yarra Glen. Once you've passed the Primary school on your left you end at a T intersection. Turn left towards Yea. I little up the road turn right. This road is quiet and very pretty with a few twistys from what I remember. This will take you through to Healesville.

    Option 2. Same as above but turn right at the T intersection. Pass Yarra Glen village and the servo on your left. Turn left before the big bend in the road. This road takes you straight there. You'll pass a race track on your left 5 or 6 hundred metres up so you'll know your on the right road. It's also quiet, pretty and has a few twistys at the end. You'll pass Tarrawarra vineyard on your right which has a fantastic gallery reputed to be the best private collection in Australia - worth a visit if you like art. Although I can't imagine half a dozen bikies critiquing the latest works of Olsen. I'd ride out there in a storm just to see that :p :p :p

    Hmmm the Yarra Valley - possibly my favourite place in Victoria.

  18. I'm not going, but I would suggest meeting at the Maccas on the corner of Doncaster and Blackburn roads. Head all the way down Blackburn road(north) to the roundabout. Turn right onto Warrandyte road and keep following through to the 50kph shopping precinct. Turn left at the roundabout to Kangaroo Ground and head all the way through to the next big roundabout and turn right again. Turn right again at the Yarra Glen road just past the school/church/shop at Kangaroo Ground and follow to Yarra Glen. At the end of that road, turn left (the sign says Yea, but believe me!). Just after it changes to 100kph, turn right onto Old Healesville road (just over the little bridge thing on the bend). At the end of that road, turn left and you'll be able to get to Chum Creek road (left) or Healesville (right).

    But I'm not going, so decide what you will :wink:
  19. Excellent suggestion Lil, the best way to get there (imo).

    Rather than go to Narbethong and u turn, go to Marysville and sample the delights of the various cafe's. My fave is Fraga's, but the Bakery is good and there's another one towards the end of the main street.

    For those that were concerned about the Spur, don't be, ride it at your own pace. It's only a road, it's well surfaced and there are no corners that 'suck' you in. Riding with someone like Paul (who I am sure will ensure sanity prevails) is an excellent opp to sample a great road and countryside. And....it's a weekday, so no spurlecialists* and few cars. Logging trucks are about, but approach each corner with that expectation and you will have a hoot.

    Enjoy and think of the working masses, slaving away over a keyboard :p

    * Copyright Cathar
  20. Thanks Lil for the road names. One of these days i'll pay attention to the road signs. IMO the most enjoyable way up there.
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