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[VIC] Accommodation on the GAR?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by titus, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Suggestions please? My preferred option (Golden Age in Omeo) has been booked out and now I need to find a nice, cheap alternative for about a dozen riders in November.
    Who knows of a good place with enough cheap beds, good food etc.?

  2. I normally stay at the pub in Bright. Always love it. The big terracotta coloured thing. They have cheap motor-inn style accommodation next door to the pub and at the pub you can get good dinner, breakfast and of course beer.

    Best bit is it's only a 20 metre walk back to bed :)

    Edit: We normally have a fair few with us, so no probs booking 4 double rooms.
  3. Here (clicky) is the place. It's the Alpine hotel.

    In that street view, the accomm is on the left. Pan right for the pub part.
  4. Thanks Morbo, that's an option, although I'll need to redraw the route. Will look into it.
  5. Benambra Hotel? Was OK when sister and I were there, along with some other people for a family reunion. Very country style pub.

    I'll just check and make sure that was it. Pretty sure I'm right tho.

    Also, isn't there more than one hotel in Omeo?
  6. Every damn room in Omeo (and surrounding towns) is booked out for this big ol' wedding. I'll give Benambra a try too but I suspect it'll also be full that weekend.
  7. Did you try the Blue Duck? A good stopover on the way to the Bonang High Plains Road.
  8. Blue Duck would mean sharing a cabin with snorers. Nothing that a bottle of tawny can't fix tho'. :D

    Anyone been to the pub at Ensay?
  9. Past experience says bring earplugs ;)
  10. probably to far north for you
    but the bottom pub in Tallangatta does bed dinner breakfast $50 for bikers - plus lock up yard and plenty of rooms
    old school pub, good grub, clean rooms and beer of course
    how come you can only get carlton draught on tap down there?
  11. I know that place well, and recommend it too, but you're right - too far north for this trip.
    I think we're sorted out now, spoken to the Little River Inn at Ensay. But I'm always willing to hear more about others' experience.