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[VIC] A Grand Ride in the High Country, Sat May 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Nibor

    thats the aim of the day, top 1000km on some of the best roads on offer!

    Meet: saturday 9th May *pending weather*
    Mobil Petrol Station, Burwood Hwy, Upwey.
    7am meet for 7:15am departure.

    Details: lunch when we get hungry.
    minimum 240km tank ra...

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  2. A Grand Ride in the High Country
    thats the aim of the day, top 1000km on some of the best roads on offer :grin:

    proposed route

    Meet: saturday 9th May *pending weather*
    Mobil Petrol Station, Burwood Hwy, Upwey.
    7am meet for 7:15am departure.

    lunch when we get hungry.
    minimum 200km tank range, as the only fuel stops will be Sale (236km), Omeo (189km), Albury (237km), Whitfield (222km), healesville (205km), Upwey (not far), unless we really need to top up or something. i dont want to spend the day stopped everywhere though.
    experienced riders only, no L/P plates. or cops :p
    someone please let me know if i've found dirt on the route :LOL:

    Return: when we get home :wink:
  3. are you doing 200km the whole way? i no it will be possible to do it a bit quicker than the 16hours from google earth, but i think you'll find yourself in the dark for a bit.
  4. i was debating about leaving earlier, i still might change this but i doubt it. im not afraid of the dark. just wombats :LOL: but yeah i know i will probably en the ride in the dark. if no-one else posts up theyre coming, i will probably leave 6am instead.

    simply by limiting breaks to fuel/piss only when i must, and a small meal for lunch, snack at fuel or something, fuel stops should be no longer than the time it takes to fill up and pay, and lunch probably 20-30min tops. this is not a social cruise, its a hard, long ride. i want to see how i handle the technical kilometres. i would prefer to do it with good company however.

    Edit: also rigged so if need be, can cut out the detour to Bright, and jump on the main (straight) roads for a bit if we are really behind. we wont be behind. im not fussed about the last two hours in darkness as a fair probability, i hope anyone else on the ride isnt either.
  5. I'm very interested :)

    I went up that way with Goosh (leading) quite a few months ago, some really good roads, twisties, technical, good views etc up Mansfield way. His input might be worthwhile unless of course you know the roads better! ;)
  6. Nibs, you are my kind of crazy! :grin:

    I've had a looksee in the 2009 Melways pg X922.

    Looks like you have about 30km of unsealed road between Omeo and Albury, specifically a 20km section and a 10km section between Anglers Rest and Mitta Mitta. No biggy, IMO.

    I'd love to do something like this, but unfortunately 1100km is outa my experience level at the moment. :cry:
  7. Upwey, gembrook, Launching place, Noojee, Willow Grove,Yallourn Nrth.
    Glengarry,Toongabbie,Cowarr, Heyfield, Maffra,Briagolong, Lindenow, Bairnesdale, Omeo Mt Hotham,Bright, Myrtleford, Just out of Myrtleford, turn left for Whitfield, Mansfield, Alexandra, Narbethong, Spur.
    All good roads with out dirt, I have done this run three times this year.
    900 klms Lilydale to Lilydale.

    Or Upwey, Packenham, Lang Lang, Poowong, Korumburra, Leongatha, turn right just out of Leongatha to Mirboo Nrth. Morwell, Stratford, Benworden Bairnesdale, Omeo, then as above,

    All top roads robin, I have ridden all of them this year.
  8. The bottom one I did last Tuesday and Wednesday, we stopped o/night in Bright, $60-00 at the bright motel.
    The top one we stopped o/night at Whitfield, $30-00
    Its about 9 hours ride all up, continous.
  9. Hmm...I'll see.
  10. Put me down as a maybe at this stage mate,


  11. very keen though in may you will have to be very carefully with hotham, may might mean very slippery roads up there.....

    I will decide close to the day and the group size and from what i have been told more then about 6 and i have been told it will make it a very long long day :)
  12. Hey there, you crazy Mo' Fo' :)
    Work won't let me access your map (bloody firewalls!! :roll:), but from what I am reading, if you are planning to go Omeo to Albury by way of Mitta, you will most certainly be on dirt for at least 30k's.
    Went over it early this year in the wet, and it was OK on my weapon, but a no go on a roadie. If road is dry, would be OK, but a bit slow (not what you want on this trip :wink: ).
    Might pay to take this into account.
    Cheers, 'Pirate' Pete.
  13. I heard they were going to have that section sealed by late May, I could be wrong tho,
  14. nope there not sealing that section :wink: and yeah heading to mitta mitta on a long day like that i suggest you maybe reconsider your options, i have no problems with dirt, but dirt on sportsbikes take it out of you, and when you are pushing a 900km plus day then add in a dirt section like mitta mitta it may well end in tears for someone.
  15. Nope Brian, I think the sealed section you are thinking refers to the road from Falls Creek down to where it meets the Omeo Hwy(C543).
    Don't quote me, but I think that is now done, and would be an awesome ride on a road bike (could be an alternative for the trip? Omeo, Falls, Mt Beauty, Tawonga) From there, you would find some great roads either North (back around to Tintaldra/Corryong), or South (Brigth/ Myrtleford).
    Cheers, Pete.
  16. rode it over easter, there is loose gravel everywhere....it's also been sealed in the light grey stone (loose gravel colour) so you can't pick the loose from the sealed stuff until you are on top of it.....if you go that way allow plenty of time for the new sealed section.....me i pushed on it for about the first 200m (first 3 turns) of the new road section then realised it wasn't worth the risk to myself and bike, there are better roads/and road surfaces to have a crack on :wink: , so much for my dreams of it being a (spur type finish) i was so dearly hoping for, but yeah basically atm that section is a accident waiting to happen, if you don't respect it :(
  17. Hey hey hey... I am keen.....

    I might end the ride in Bright and make a night of it.... But, if I dont, then I am certainly up for a long day ride..... Did it back in December I think it was.... soooo long ago.... and a long long day.

    You will definately be home in the dark..... :eek: :LOL:

    Looking forward to it. :)
  18. same route? care to comment on the roads at all?

    may be changing the timeslot or route slightly closer to the date if i feel i need to, as i have a housewarming to attend that evening :cool:
  19. As much as I want to, it looks like this one is out for me. Coming from Morno for the start will mean a much earlier start as well, I have reliies down on the Sunday and dont want to do my best inpression of a zombie. :shock: :shock: :shock:


  20. yeah skuffy, I'd be keen to do another overnighter.

    on the otherhand depending on eventual route and weather i may opt for the long haul. Hotham might be dicey thuogh