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[VIC] A couple of questions about the licence test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fiendly, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!

    Going for my licence course this Friday, I'm quite nervous now. Tests aren't exactly my strong point (confident rider, just the pressure gets to me). Anyway I had a few questions and thought I'd ask about it here. I'm also doing it at HART in Somerton.

    1. Are they generally hard? (Looks like swerve and quick stopping)
    2. Is there anything I should be looking out for?

    I'm mainly looking at the swerve part, I know I'll get a good practice but still - just trying to get over this test stuff. I need to get my P's otherwise my learners expires on the 18th so the pressure is on!

    Thanks guys.

  2. The license test is too simple to fail.


  3. Cheers, I thought it was. Im looking at the sheet and it looks extremely basic, I know I won't fail but I just don't want to be.. not confident. During my learners I screwed up and stalled on the last test (ugh), not only that - nutted myself a few times lol.
  4. I went for, and passed mine last week and am seriously considering a strong letter to VicRoads about how stupidly simple the full license testing is. What you see in the vid is exactly it - over and done with in 4 minutes if you strip away the preamble.

    Unless you haven't ever ridden, or you fall off, there's almost no chance of a fail.

    I suffer from test nerves and nearly screwed up in the learner testing - there's no chance with this... if you can ride around a car park, you will pass :)

  5. I passed, 32 I got. I think it was 10/10 for the quick stops and 3 points each from the rest. It was stupid and I felt uncomfortable with the bikes - I prefer my own bike. After looking at it, the test was EXTREMELY simple. The only thing that got me was the second exercise when you had to rely on the lights.. for myself, I can't force myself to think like it's an accident - I HAVE to be in the situation, oddly enough I had to countersteer on the way home.. someone pulled out in front of me, lol.
  6. Congratulations fiendly. The long weekend is a good chance for a ride. Take it easy. ;)
  7. Congrats fiendly!
  8. Congrats :)

  9. Thanks! I went camping so didn't really get out much. Now that it's over the relaxing can begin, now I have 12 months to save up for a new bike! :D