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[VIC] '85 SRX250 Starter Motor Brushes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Holster, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. It seems it is going to take a little longer than expected to get the Z750 back on the road due to parts being on back order so I have made the decision to get my old ’85 SRX250 back on the road.

    The brushes in the starter motor are bolloxed so I’m looking around for either some unbolloxed brushes or a starter motor.

    I’ve called Yamaha and they have told me that I can’t buy the brushes and the starter motor is discontinued (and there are none on the dead stock list).

    I have called around to a few wreckers with no luck either.

    Any one out there knows where I can get some brushes that would fit or can help me ‘adapt’ some to fit?
  2. can you not just get it reco like car units? :?
  3. Yeah I suppose so, but if I could get a hold of some brushes I could do it myself a lot cheaper. :grin:

    Being without transport makes taking it somewhere a little more difficult too.
  4. I have called around a few places that reco starter motors near my house and as soon as I said the word motorbike I got shut down.

    Does anyone know a place that will fix it, is open on a Saturday and near public transport?
  5. Pull the brushes and take them to an auto electrician or motor rebuilder. They will be similar to something. Brushes are hardly unique things.
  6. There is a specialist motorcycle auto elec place somewhere in the wild North parts of Melbourne. I think they are called AEC (?memory not what it used to be )... any decent bike shop should be able to put you onto them...

    If they can't help you, then you might very well be stuck.

    Have you tried www.findapart.com.au ??
  7. Do this, get the ones that are a little oversize then go home and get out the sandpaper and sand them down to fit, ive done this before on car alternators works a treat.