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[Vic] 60 Degrees Basic Motorbike maintenance course

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jeffco, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Hey mods not sure if this is the right place please move if required.

    Just thought Id post a quick note on the basic motorbike maintenance course run by 60 degrees, they run them about twice a year cost is $45 and it runs for about three hours,Course generally runs from 6pm to 9 pm. although ours went 3 1/2 cause questions were being asked and Luke was happy to answer.

    I have absolutely no knowledge of motorbike maintenance or how to do any so I thought this would be the perfect way to get some basic skills, especially on chain cleaning and maintenance.

    My course was on the Wednesday 25th & attended by a varying degree of experienced riders from 6 months to 20 years.

    We were run through the whole spectrum of basic requirement's when it comes to your bike, including what to do for pre ride checks, tyre wear & correct pressures, oils & fluids, brakes & pads, lights, chains & sprockets, levers and anything else that people asked about.

    None of it was to technical just warning signs & what to look for.

    Some of it I knew, like the pre ride and tyre pressure etc from reading on here, but when it came to checking your pads and oils etc, I didn't so it was good to get an understanding of what to look for.

    For me the best bit was the chain maintenance it was good to see just how easy it was to clean & lube them.
    Luke used one of the attendees bikes for all the demonstrations and even the adjusting of the chain tension didn't look that hard, although I think id like another run through with that part before I was confident.

    the good thing is that I can, because Luke and Katt are happy for everyone who attends, to book a follow up time for you to come in and they will spend another 20 or so mins and go over everything again on your bike so you can feel happy :]

    All in all a great night for anyone who wants to learn the basics in an easy going environment, with all the tea & coffee you need.
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  2. where was the course held ?
  3. At 60 Degrees' shop in Notting hill, Victoria.

    Well worth it. I've had a few friends do the course.
  4. :unsure: bugger ex Mexican here now in NSW. anyone know of something similar in Sydney ?
  5. Oh, damn. Would have gone to this if I knew it was on.
  6. They have a couple a year next one is around September just give them a call to confirm :]
  7. These are a great idea - do they have a website? after getting back into bikes after many years away I could use the refresher.

    *edit - just found it -Cheers!
  8. I would love to attend something like this in a few months time - I know nothing about cars or bikes, except that they look purty! ha ha ha
  9. If you're close enough to them I highly recommend it just check out their website or give them a call
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