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[VIC] 40kmh state urban limit?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by titus, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. I just caught the tail end of a discussion on ABC AM radio, about a campaign by road authorities and local government to push through a blanket 40kmh limit in urban areas throughout Victoria.
    Does anyone know any more about this? Or have a link?
    There was some comment about it (supposedly) having almost universal public support, BTW :shock:

  2. There was some stuff about it a while ago. The Minister basically vetoed it. I believe the police saw it as being something of an over reaction.

    It was some of the local councils and the fringe "road safety" groups that were pushing for it.
  3. 40km/hr :shock: wtf so i guess the good old horse and cart might be making a come back
  4. nooooooooooo

    why? maybe a few dead kids every year will get those stupid ipod pedestrians to look before they cross the road.
  5. John faine(sp) brought it up in regards to his personal opinion. He went past an accident this morning, and he feels it would be a solution. The traffic lady and a few others told him he was "Certifiable". It was an interesting bit of the program.
  6. pedestrians should be forced to wear safety gear
  7. 40km/h traffic, coupled with traffic lights, intersections, etc - would make pedal cycling easily faster than driving.
  8. What? So this is all his idea?
    There was a local government figure in our local paper espousing this recently so I assumed it was that source again.

    Speaking of iPod zombies, a fellow worker hit one two days ago. Went right over the car roof, and then tried to limp off. I can't believe the number of near misses I've had with zoned out peds in the last couple of months. Nearly all of them in 40 zones, too.
  9. Agreed. My dad on his pushbike averages over 40 and he loves the suburbs. To enforce this rule, they'd have to start giving cyclists tickets.

    Dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  10. I haven't got a problem with suburban back streets having a reduced limit BUT not the larger suburban roads.

    As an example newer estates have a main central through road and then little spur roads off them, I reckon the major through roads should be 60 or 50 and the side streets 40.

    Bigger roads such as Punt, Hoddle Victoria, St Kilda and so on must remain at 60.
  11. +1

    It was a good program today
  12. They have this rule over here. 40k blanket limit across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) with the exceptions of major thoroughfares (think Dandy Rd as a comparison) which are 60.

    It actually works well BUT that's because the roads are well laid out and traffic lights are on a 30 second timer so it flows much better. Also, there isn't as much traffic here - again due to the streets being laid out in a more logical fashion. North South East and West. Pisseasy.

    Having said that I can't see a blanket 40k limit in Vic working AT ALL. It's already a biatch to get around Melbourne and slowing the traffic will just make it more frustrating.
  13. That's because the halfwits that propose this shite think the universe revolves around them. :evil:

  14. and the general public is so brainwashed by the Speed Kills mantra :roll: Just read the Hun comments sometime.
  15. dear god, will the 60 km/h limit become like cracker night all those years ago?

    something we older riders will one day reminicse about?

    I remember the time you use to be able to buy/ride all the firecrackers/60k's an hour you wanted around suburban melbourne/sydney.

    it's always one idiot/harold scruby that ruins it for the rest of it :LOL:

    damn i miss fireworks...
  16. They want us to become senior citizen before our time.

    People driving around at this speed all the time, as soon as they get out on the motorway for their once a year trip will just crash on the first corner.
  17. FWIW, it seems to have blown over for the time being. I haven't heard any more other than that one radio discussion, so maybe it was just a bit of talkback filler. There are certainly people around who are keen to push this particular barrow, though.
  18. This is an expression of the larger assumption people seem to wander around with: that there's some causal mechanism(s) for life's problems - suffering, death, etc - and if we isolate it we can put an end to such things.

    Good luck!

  19. For the time being is the key. This rubbish was bandied about in Brisbane around 2-3 years ago. The excuse for it was safety (I've found at work that some people use this excuse to apply pressure to push their cause when common sense would dictate otherwise. It annoys me when numbskulls waste others' time purely because they use key words and not because their proposal has merit.). It never flew but the pressure by those who want it is still there. The safety wowsers would like essentially a 10 km/h reduction across the board and are now trying to get it implemented on the sly by pushing for an upgrade to road safety manuals/standards.