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[VIC] 3rd Party + Fire and Theft Insurance?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dwainz, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me of an insurance company who'll offer 3rd Party Fire and Theft insurance for a bike (in Victoria)?

    Friggin' RACV wont offer it for bikes, NRMA doesn't exist in VIC and I believe Shannons won't touch me as I'm under 25!

    I simply can't afford Full Comp, and would love the added protection against theft as I have to leave the bike outside :(

    Had a quick ring around of a few insurance companies during lunchbreak today, but to no avail. :evil:

    'Bout to settle for 3rd party...
  2. Maybe try

    WQBE ? :?:
  3. I have 3rd party with racv. But i dont think its fire and theft.
    I had a look around for a while for insurance when I bought my bike and I think I ended up not being able to find fire and theft as an option.
    They might not do fire and theft on 3rd party cause bikes are so much easier to just pick up and walk away with than cars are.
  4. This is a hijack/rant about insurance (for cars). I do about 5,000 kms a year in my car so I don't bother insuring it. I might be needing to lend my car to my mum for a bit, she isn't the best driver so I got some 3rd party quotes. I'm already rating 1 in RACV (bike and USED to have car insured with them years ago). The quote was $480/yr for my EF falcon. AAMI who I've never used, same insurance (about same excess/market cost) is $230/yr.

    On topic
    Hope you find something. SWANN and WQBE are two of the ones I know of.
  5. I doubt you'll have too much luck. Bikes are too easy to steal so it's not worth the risk. If they added it in, the premium would be pretty close to full comp anyway.
  6. For third party I have AAMI and for fire and theft I have a disc lock and parking spots that utes/trucks have no access to.
  7. Hmmm that's what I was afraid of...
    Ill give Swann and Western QBE a ring today but looks like 3rd party might be the go :)
  8. it would be like 2% more for full comp.

    as an under 25er, my 2001 cbr thats worth about 10000, would be $2850 to insure each year! thats with qbe, which was the cheapest i could find. frigging ridiculous!
    i have been riding 5 years with no insurance and with the money i've saved i could buy another bike!