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VIC - 3AW's Mitchell Refuses M/C Experience Challenge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Neil Mitchell on his morning program on 3AW was asking for ideas on how to solve the traffic congestion problem in Melbourne today 15 March.

    I rang in and pointed out that many people were purchsing scooters and motorcycles for the sole purpose of commuting. He seemed to very surprised that people would do this, and when I sugested what a good idea it was he quickly turned the debate around to say "how dangerous bikes are" and "I see too many hoons on bikes riding like idiots" etc.

    I challenged him to get on the back of a bike and have a look at it from "the riders point of view". I argued that unless he knew what it was like to see things from our perspective that he had no right to state an opinion on the subject.

    Neil steadfastly refused my insistent challenge, giving every feeble excuse under the sun as to why he shouldn't/wouldn't.

    If you have an opinion on this subject, please email him at nmitchell@3AW.com.au

    Maybe, if enough of us email him, then we may get him to get on the back of a bike and we may get one step closer to being seen as a Legitimate Form of Transport.

    Get a friend to email him - it has worked before. He abused us a year or so ago and hundreds of us emailed him and he arranged for one of his staff to go out on the back of a bike.......
  2. WOW. Your tireless at this stuff aren't you John. Good on you . I'll send an email tonight.
    ( there you go :) yet another pat on the back post from a netrider.
    Dont get a big head now !
  3. I sent off an email - expect to be ignored, but it cost me nothing to have a say. :grin:
  4. I signed my email off with a quote from Kenny Everett, in his guise as Brother Lee Love;

    “This is Brother Lee Love, coming to you
    And I’m gunna tell you what to do
    Just keep on watching the Video Show

    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. :LOL: Paul - you're the coolest!!!
  7. If he won't get on a harley, I doubt he'd get on your purple and orange monstrosity... :LOL: :LOL:
  8. :LOL: love it Loz!!
  9. N.M. :soapbox: Hollier than thou, a pox and a blight upon the senses. I remember him and Hinch years ago, cachortling with each other like 2 preppy school prefects "well thats what happens when your a pillar of society" referring to himself and Hinch. The perception was he meant it :-k The guy is a can o :spam: So we have Hinch who has just come out saying he didnt want to be labelled an alcoholic, who was drinking 4 bottles of wine a day, and Mitchell professing motorcycles are dangerous, and piloted mainly by hoons :jerk: 2 pillars of society huh :evil:

    And for my gran finally soapbox :soapbox: I sent him the following

    Dear Neil

    I think a practical and function way to allieviate some of the congestion on Melbourne's roads, especially during peakhour, is to positively advocate the use of Scooters and motorcycles. Perhaps a special lane could be created similar to the existing bicycle lanes, in known heavily congested black spots like the CBD.

    While I do concurr that Motorcycles in the wrong hands, can be deadly weapons, it appears if operated carefully and cautiously, they can be an effective alternative to a car, providing the correct skillsets are taught from the onset of obtaining a licence.
    I have read British studies indicating long term riders(10+yrs), have better motor coordination skills, powers of observation and improved driving histories with lower collision rates, than their automobile counterparts, due to the skill sets gained from motorcycling and their abilities to read traffic situations and anticipate potential hazards.

    Where alcohol is concerned, to a large extent, the probability of a operator injuring another party, seems from my observations, even less likely, as initially balance is required to operate a motorcycle, and an intoxicated rider will soon come acrop, in all probabilty injuring himself only, as opposed and more likely, is a car driver who has imbibed too much alcohol with a car full of passengers, will endanger lives other than his own.

    Imagine if motorcycles and scooters were banned in Asia, deemed under the banner of "too dangerous". Saigon(or any major Asian city) peak hour, is what can only be descibed as complete bedlam, and thats with some 3 million registered motorbikes and a estimated 2 million unregistered used every day. If they were all cars, the effect would obviously be unfathomable.

    It seems then that almost the entire population of Victoria manages to commute via scooter, and still function without the hospitals being filled with a plethora of motorcycle related incidents and scooters/motorbikes being deemed "too dangerous" but you counterparts in the media or radio in "good morning Vietnam".

    As often is the case in S.E.Asia, a small 110cc motorcycle, being the sole means of transportation for an entire family, and it is not unusal to see up to 4 generations of the 1 family on 1 small scooter. In many cases this is the only way for some people in these regions to indeed support themselves and feed their families. The bike performing a myriad of functions from procurring medical provisions and food, to transport produce to markets, or deliver diplomatic documents, etc etc.

    Would you suggest these people who have come to rely on their motorbike as much as say in our terms, a car, trade in their motorcycles? because you label them as dangerous, and are personally too cowardly to at least try to commute by motorcycle, even be a passenger, when they are willing to put their newborns on same vehicles, and if you did indeed personally undertake this process, be instumental in creating a less environmentally impacting footprint, by motorcycling- as compared with taking your car for a day to work and back, let alone to put yourself in a situation like them, were riding a motorcycle for them, literally means food in their childrens stomach that night.

    Your sincerely
  11. radio dj's really need to STFU!

    "...105.3 SF Radio DJ, while online, encouraged drivers in traffic jams to open their doors on passing bikers who were legally lane-splitting.



    Nothing would make me happier than to watch somebody, and I actually seen this one time, somebody open a door and take you out as you're trying to squeeze through people who have been sitting in traffic for 45 minutes.


    If it didn't rip my door off I'd probably do it.


    Now I don't want to see anybody get hurt, honestly, but I mean you just get so mad so frustrated that you're like you know what I hope you... It's kind of like those guys that haul "O Ring" past you on the freeway... going like 160 mph on their crotch rocket, and I'm like, you know what, I hope you crash.


    It's like, I look forward to seeing youup ahead...






    Just for being an A-hole, right?

    The DJ's tried to downplay what they said after some annoyed calls came in from bikers, but not enough to stop the forum boards from cooking.

    several days later the DJ apologized for his remarks and tried to make peace with the riding community. He even went as far to offer to take a Motorcycle Safety Course to better understand bikers..."
  12. The things people say about motorcyclists... *sigh*
  13. i bet neil would be down for a 'greener earth' with global warming and all... so i can see why the gas guzzling motorcycles (when compared to cars) would be a bad thing... :S WTF? seriously... what a tool!

    also, can you imagine if one of said ^^ radio dj's did open their doors on a biker, when the guy/girl gets off the bike (with re-enforced knuckles) and plants some fist into their head, i'd imagine that they'd pretty quickly regret opening the door... motor cycle 'filtering' or 'splitting' reduces traffic... rather than having 20 motor cyclists in front of you (taking space in the lane) they're gone, not to hold you up...

    some people really should think a little....
  14. G'day everyone,......

    Just sent off my reply to 3 Always Wrong!!
    I have had isues with thier comments on other isues as well so this is nothing new comming from them.

    Dr Who?
  15. Movin, your letter was just brilliant I couldn't possibly improve on what you have sent this moron of the air waves, I'm glad I don't live in Melbourne because if I did I could be in lock up now after venting my frustrations on a moron mouth like that one.
    Maybe the only thing that would appeal to this prick is if his hero Tom Cruise, Arnold Swartzwatever or Jay Leno turned up and offered him a double. I dought he would take up the offer if it was Mick Doohan or Valentino Rossi his reaction would be "who are they ?"
  16. ...............news flash...............

    he's a shock jock. it's his job to piss you off and get a reaction, mission accomplished. every letter you send 3AW tells him and his producers he's doing a great job and reminds him how easy it is to wind up bikers who tune in diligently and call him to add some flair on-air.
  17. ^^ Wise post
  18. Precisely the reason I stopped listening to the guy 10 years ago. Dont feed the monster :mad: and he cant grow. I dont think for 1 second he is going to read any of the letters sent to him on air :deal: bar maybe 1 cordial diatribe. If you dont agree with him you get maybe 2 sentences on his "talkback", before =; your abrupty cuttoff. No different from John Laws who is apparently "keeping the dream alive" :jerk: or so 1 of his theme songs go. The dream of lining his pockets some more, with cash for comment, but people keep listening to them.
    Dont make for good ratings and advertising $, letting bunch of fringe dwelling lunatic bikers have their say. His target audience are older than most of us on this forum, with the blue rinse set being a fair slice of "concerned callers".
  19. #aw

    WHYtF,WHATtF are any of u listening to this' Putain de mer'(the french equivalent of anything u can't say here)for, in the first place!!!!!!!!
    Government,Packer,Murdochwhoever backed propaganda crap,watch out for the csa/tt follow up series .
    Having got that of my chest!!,swamp that idiot with emails!
    Had a bad day !?,read the H/Sun tune into 3AW.So many nice storys.
  20. Some very good emails there guys.

    Well done to all those who have taken the time to email Neil at nmitchell@3aw.com.au .

    Thanks for the support, I don't feel so isoltaed any more.

    The main point to re-inforce is having Motorcycle recognized ans a Legitimate Form of Transport.

    If any of you haven't sent him something - that's the line to follow.