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[VIC] 3 Peaks Ride, Sat Jan 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Nibor

    meet: Mobil Servo in Rowville, corner of Stud Rd and Wellington Rd.

    when: 9am meet for 9:30am sharp departure.

    What: Mt Dandenong, Mt Donna Buang, and Mt Baw Baw, with twisties in between.

    Expect: 350km+ all types of road, technical twisties, ...

    ... more

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  2. read the above entry, i cbf typing it again :p
    here is the proposed route.

    as said, this ride is NOT for the inexeperienced. there will be an optional section of maybe 3-5km of dirt, up Don Rd, in the last leg of the ride.

    Fueling may be an issue for some. i need to double check if Noojee has fuel consistantly, if so, then fuel will be fine. expect 180km between fuel stops, unless Damian comes on his motard :p
  3. Nah, don't worry about it young'n :)
    Just make sure you're not still over .05 on Sat!! :LOL:
  4. looks good bro, If I'm not changing an all wheel drive gearbox I'll be there.

    Bring On the dirt!
  5. Well, that's that then innit?

    If Lukes in, I'm in
    Can't have you having all the fun now can I Mallaby :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:.

    I'll even bring my 'special' earplugs. :shock:

    A few K's of dirt!! Bahhh!!
    Try 80km's due to my massive stuff-up from Kevington to Cambarville on the C511. Ride the back brake!!!!!

    See you there.

    Cam :grin:
  6. nah forget the back brake, more fun riding it like a dirt bike.

    rise up on the tank a touch and throttle drift the rear hoop outta the corner!

    Yes. . . I like it ha ha

    tell the boys bro
  7. I'm out Bah!!, Gotta work. Too many days off ( i am a casual!!)
  8. None of the roads marked on the map are dirt.
    You could however make the ride far more interesting by adding some dirt sections. :grin:
  9. There is 'interesting' and 'oh my bloody God this is gonna kill me and the bike interesting' :p
  10. when was the last time you rode the route, 2030? unless they're sealing it all in the next day or two, or you're being a pedantic f*cker and callnig it gravel not dirt, i think you'll find part of Don Rd until it intersects with Donna Buang Rd, near Mt Toolebewong, is dirt.

    a section of Falls Rd, near olinda, as previously mentioned by another, also looks like hardpacked gravel on google street view. i'll check it out sometime in the next few days.

    so yeah, considering how much fun i had cleaning my chain after my last 50km of logging tracks, there is ample dirt in the route already :p
  11. Sound's good, cept for the Mt Dandenong bit, too many tourista/knobends etc , Fuel supply at Noojee is a bit sporadic but you guys should be OK.
    Count me in :grin:
  12. Yes don road has a dirt section. all uphill, very enjoyable.

    I rode up baw baw with deadman yesterday, that road is in delightfully shithouse condition as always. road smeg, water runoff, potholes, gravel in apexes, High crest off camber narrow tourist road. you name it its got it. fcukin shit they really should do something about it. Lets get one thing straight before the hordes miss quote me, I love dirt roads, why? because they're predictable. you KNOW you have no traction. Random gravel on bitumen shits me coz you dont see it and its like far king ball bearings!
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. what is this road smeg one speaks of?
    pics or it didnt happen :p
  15. Road smeg, my good man, Is a term that I coined to represent the accumulation of shit on a road surface that plays random havoc with the intimate relationship between your tyres and the road.

    the Term "Smeg" was a generic swear word used to replace sh!t, fu(k etc. in the tv series "RED DWARF" a Pommie piss take on star wars and star trek. It was very funny and I highly recommend you do some research to fully grasp the concept and hilarity that is: Road Smeg!

    "Smeg off dog food face!"


    "What the smeg?"

    "Smegin' hell"

    "Oh smeg."
  16. yeah i love Red Dwarf :grin:
    just didnt know if you were alluding to some specific sort of road excretion, designated road smeg :LOL:
  17. MMMMMmmmmmmm. . . . . . Road Cheese!
  18. You down for this one macman?
  19. What the ride or the road "essence of under foreskin"?

    :LOL: :LOL:
  20. who's going down for some smeg? :shock: