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[Vic] 3 Day High Country loop

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cougs, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    Trying to plan a few days away later this week...

    Sth East 'burbs > Healesville > Alexandra > Jamieson > Mansfield > Wangaratta > Bright > Omeo > Dargo > Briagolong > Traralgon > Home

    Constraints - will have a learner on 250 with me (the Mrs) so I don't want to have each day too long in the saddle. Also will be stopping in Briagolong to have coffee / lunch with friends. I think given the above 3 days/2 nights should be about right. Also no dirt / gravel - want sealed roads only

    Questions: - good cheapish places to stay (that may actually not be booked out of course)?

    I'm thinking Mansfield or Wang, Omeo OR am I better doing the reverse direction run and night 1 @ Dargo, night 2 @ Wangaratta? Looking for pub or B&B accom.....recommendations from those who have gone before much appreciated!!

  2. Omeo to Dargo is dirt Cougs so assuming you are on the night rod you'd be better off on the bitumen :inpain:
    If you get to Omeo, continue down through Bairnsdale then home.
  3. Thanks Bone....yep, going via Bairnsdale them back inland from the hwy...
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    There is a newly sealed road between Omeo and Bright via Anglers Rest and Falls Creek, the Bogong High Plains Road.

    The trip I did recently was
    day 1 (out) Melbourne-Bright via Healesville, Eildon, Jamieson, Mansfield, Whitfield
    day 2 (loop) Bright-Bright via Mt Hotham, Omeo, Bruthen, Anglers Rest, Falls Creek, Mt Beauty
    day 3 (return) Bright-Melb via Summit of Mt Buffalo, then reverse of day 1

    The advantage for me staying both nights in Bright is you can dump all your luggage and enjoy all of day 2 without any crap on the bike. The ride from Bairnsdale to Melb is rubbish anyway so you miss nothing.

    We stayed at the John Bright Motor Inn and it was really good & reasonable $$, would recommend it.

    edit/just noticed your intending to stop at briagolong, well that changes things a bit heh :)
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    can't upload pics! watch this space...
  6. hey Cougs, just did all this high country in a car with the missus and all I could think of was " Sheesh, I'm going to have to do this all over again on 2 wheels. Lucky she couldnt see my face each time we'd cross bikes going over the mountains:(
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  7. Lets try and work out this "posting Pictures" bit again and come up with a ride report...

    Day 1

    Her - 98 250 Virago with shiny new L plate on the back (had about 3-4 months now)
    Me - 07 HD Nightrod with shiny new fairing on front (with really cool flames ;) )

    We took off about 8.30am on Friday from Frankganistan area of Melb; first stop Noojee for a coffee. Lucky the coffee was hot as we had a cool morning and wet roads the whole way there pretty much, but no rain so mrs_cougs was somewhat happy ("You told me it was going to be beautiful weather...").

    From there we went vie Willow Grove to Rawson where one of the best hamburgers I've had in a while awaited. Also awaiting was some running repairs to mrs_cougs saddle bags which hadn't agreed with the condition of the road between BawBaw turn and Hill End - if you're riding that way be careful as it seems that potholes are just ignored until they can be measured in metres.

    By the time we left Rawson the sun was out and it was starting to warm up, next stop was to drop in on friends in Briagolong. I got creative with my navigation and sort of missed Maffra (which mrs_cougs puts down to my reluctance to pay attention to street signs, a claim I will not argue in this forum) so went via Glenmaggie and Boisdale. Quick cuppa wit hte lady of the house in Briag then out to Ferndale to see hubby who was playing dirt bikes with son and mates on their new property. mrs_cougs then insisted we stay and gossip until the mates had left so if she stalled it no-one she didn't know and would unlikely ever meet again would laugh at her.....all was good though with the little Yammy guiding her back out the 100m across the paddock to bitumen unhindered and un-stalled.

    The last leg of the day was up to Dargo. Having been there years ago in a 4WD I remembered the road but this was the first tim eon 2 wheels so was looking forward to it. "How were some of those views?" I asked on arrival only to be told that there was no scope for her to enjoy the view as concentrating on the corners and all the "motorcycle high risk area" signs left her with no extra concentration. A fair point and one easily forgotten when riding with new riders. The concentration reserves were replenished however with bourbon and carlton draught at the Dargo pub along with a couple of beaut parma's.

    1. Packed and ready to go

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  8. Day 2

    Saturday morning we fuelled up at Dargo after staying at the Dargo Motel - $110/night for a nice clean room with parking right outside and just across the rd from the pub. Next stop - either Bruthen or Swifts Creek, depending on fuel consumption - the Virago is only good for about 200km wheras the harley gets 280 - 300.

    mrs_cougs had given me instruction to not worry about her and make sure I took some pictures if there was nice views, she would stop if she wanted. So we both pretty much rode our own pace, catching up at the towns or wherever a turn was needed...other than thet I would nip on ahgead and get some photos - and what beaautiful sceneey alonside the river between Bruthen and Swifts too - she would then cruise past and we'd leap from all morning. Fuel stop at Swifts took a bit longer than expected as the bloke at the servo was in a chatty mood and spent a while comparing exhaust notes of both bikes (a 250 with std papes v a HD with aftermarket, I wouldn't have thought there was that much to compare but it was nice to have a chat)

    Quick blat up the road to Omeo for lunch - wow, wasn't it busy there? Bikes (and some cars) everywhere! Had a nice salad roll at the bakery, took the obligatory photo then it was off up the mountain towards Hotham. I stopped at Dinner Plain to fire off a coupld quick shots, and then once Tan had caught up we both took in the sights of Hotham together, stopping a few times up on top just to admire the views and take the obligatory photos.

    Then it was time to head down the other side. I wanted to keep her in view just to make sure she was handling the tight twisties OK so just cruised on for the first bit. Unfortunately then we came up behind a 4WD towing a camp trailer in a screaming hurry that was behind and old bloke in a Barina or similar hatch who was in no hurry at all and not interested in letting anyone past. Figuring that the safe bet was to stay back as the 4WD made a couple of aborted attempts to pass (last thing she needed was to pass and then have 3 tonne of Land Cruiser hounding her down the mountain) we eased off more and just rolled down at snails pace. This did however give mrs_cougs ample time to enjoy the scenery whils muttering profanities under her breath at car drivers generally and the 2 in front specifically.

    Bright was as beautiful as I've heard and is definitely on the list of places to visit again, maybe even with kids in tow. We'd just fuelled up and were gearing up under the shade out front of the BP after enjoying a Coke each when old mate in a beaten up Corolla or Camry pulls up right in front of the bikes and comes over for a chat. I pull the helmet off and disconned the iPod to engage in some serious discussions about chrome, noise, flames and all things Harley Davidson when he starts asking where the Mrs got her seat from (factory) and gee it looks comfy, and you've also got the exact same handle bars as I have and how do you find it to ride, is it comfortable etc etc. Turns out he also had a Virago 250 and was quite enamoured with it (except the seat it seemed) so after 20 mins or so we geared up again and off towards Wangaratta in search of out motel.

    We were at the Parkview on the main st - nice clean, $110/night and central to everything. The bloke even moved some stuff out of the no-parking area on the car park to the bikes could be closer to the room. Quick shower and we wandered into town in search of steak.

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  9. Day 3

    "Is it going to be as twisty today?" Nah, just one section, the rest is mainly sweepers.

    Whitfield - Mansfield is a ripper trip. Hadn't been that way before but certainly will again....even mrs_cougs was getting the hang of this cornering stuff proudly having confrimed the night before that she had scraped a boot at one stage.

    Stopped in Mansfield for juice and then the Jamieson-Eildon road awaited. And what a day to be riding it! I think the best thing was most of the bikes were coming the other way (from Eildon) so we (she) weren't holding anyone up. I stopped for the obligatory pictures at the lookout about 10km along from Jamieson turnoff but apart from that just let the harley rip (well, as much as one can when the cornering ability of a bike built for drag strips closely matches that of the rider....) but the main thing was it was an empty road, smooth and fun. Actually recognised and waved to a couple of harley riding friends coming the other way, and a big thanks to the group of bikers warning of the dirt & gravel washed all over the road at the 1/2 way point (roughly).

    I pulled up at the end where we were to turn for Alexandra and only 8 1/2 minutes later mrs_cougs sails past, indicator on and off while I'm still playing with Facebook.....guess she didn't need a rest after all...

    Buxton Pub was the stop - got there right on 12pm for a nice cold lemon squash and 2 parma's to build up strength for the spur. Being Sunday and nice weather we decided that Healesville was the better option rather than holding people up on Reefton so we met again in Healesville for fuel.

    "pffft - after where I've been the last 2 days that was easy" proudly exclaimed mrs_cougs, again advising of some boot rubber touching down on a corner. From there it waqs same old same old - Wrooi Yallock, Cockatoo, Emerald and home again with us walking in the door about 2.30 on the Sunday.

    Quick shower, an hour or two washing the bikes and c crownie later and we were starting to talk locations for the next over-nighter.

    Although we only tackled a small percentage of the great roads in the Alipne region I can only encourage anyone who hasn't been there to load up and go....its wrthe it just for the views - the twisties are an added bonus!

    Special note from mrs_cougs to maplegum if you're still on the forums...she read your ride report from a couple years back, took the inspiration and loved it.

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