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[Vic] - 29th Jan '06 - Spurs + Mt. Baw Baw Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Am keen to do an extended ride to take in some of my most favorite roads, and put them all into one lovely bundle. Plan to take in Black Spur, Reefton, Powelltown, Noojee, Mt. Baw Baw, Jindivick, Gembrook, and break up again at Emerald.

    Here's the ride details:

    Ride Classification: Class 5 (Advanced) - No Dirt!. Not recommended for brand new licence holders due to the distances and the technical nature of some of the roads. All others welcome who reckon the following ride schedule won't be a problem for them.

    Meeting Point

    Shell service station in Emerald (just after the railway lines on the right as you come from the Melbourne city end). Melways Ref. 127 E4. Meet up at 8:45am, depart at 9:00am sharp. Fill up with a full tank at Emerald.

    Stage 1 - Emerald to Marysville

    Break Points: None
    Rest Point: Coffee Stop in Marysville
    Distance: 94kms
    Time: ~80mins
    Route - Emerald to Woori Yallock
    Route - Woori Yallock to Marysville

    Stage 2 - Marysville to Noojee

    Break Points: Quick Refuel Stop in Warburton
    Rest Point: Lunch in Noojee
    Distance: 109kms
    Time: ~100mins incl. fuel stop
    Route - Marysville to Fuel Stop (Warburton)
    Route - Fuel Stop to Noojee

    Stage 3 - Noojee to Mt Baw Baw to Neerim South

    Break Points: Have a squizz atop Baw Baw (51kms from Noojee)
    Rest Point: Fuel Stop/Drinks at Neerim South
    Distance: 118kms
    Time: ~150mins incl. break at Mt. Baw Baw
    Route - Noojee to Mt Baw Baw to Neerim South (truncated - doesn't show additional 16kms from Tanjil Bren to Baw Baw)

    Stage 4 - Neerim South to Emerald

    Break Points: None
    Rest Point: Ride Ends at Emerald
    Distance: 84kms
    Time: ~60mins
    Route - Neerim South to Emerald

    Total Distance: 405kms

    So who's up for some goods roads?
  2. Cathar, that sounds like an awesome ride... pity gigs Friday and Saturday nights will leave me totally shagged by Sunday morning. Bugger!!!
  3. Hi Cathar, you will have to check, but am pretty sure you can't get to Baw Baw because of road closures due to bushfires.

    We are still on alert here and I have been without a phone since Thursday, (so have not had access to the net), so am not definite whether the road has re-opened or not.
  4. Thanks for that. Sure - will track the bush-fire progress as the week wears on. We'll also check with the locals in Noojee as to what the story is when we get there. If the roads to Baw Baw are out/closed we'll only go up as far as is allowed and then turn back - essentially cutting Stage 3 of the planned ride a little shorter as required on the day.
  5. I heard that Beck's Bridge Rd was closed off. Is this at the top end? A mate lives around the corner from teh top. Just wondering how he's going. No-one's heard anything. A couple of others, the other side of Yallourn Nth were evac'ed on Monday. Up Nardino's Rd.
  6. No bites yet eh?

    message too short - nope!
  7. Hi,

    Nah, I might bite!

    I doubt if I'll do the whole ride, but certainly part of it, confirm on Thu, Fri,

  8. Hi there Marty!

    We are still on alert for tomorrow, phone was fixed today (had to get the police involved to make it happen, but Telstra were out here quick smart after that :grin: )

    Luckily tomorrow is public holiday so Andrew will be at home with the water truck sitting here on standby. Pete is OK up in Yallourn North as well, but we are expecting severe conditions again tomorrow.

    All residents of Becks Bridge Road are OK and are prepared.

    Glad to be back online and getting regular updates and communications.

  9. Would love to join ya buddy. I'll check I'm not already booked somewhere, but I reckon I'm in!
  10. Great! Look forward to seeing you there.

    Bike will be due for it 18000kms service after this.
  11. Might join the ride see how I go.
    Will confirm later in the week. :cool:

    Hakin :wink:
  12. My sunday has just been freed so i hope it stays that way and i'll see you there
  13. All right! Now this is become an event with at least 4-5 people turning up!
  14. Well the entire Mt. Baw Baw road has been re-opened as of today. The fire is about 80kms south-east of Mt Baw Baw, and heading away from Mt. Baw Baw, so this would explain why they've re-opened the road as it's not really anywhere near where the fire was, is, or is now headed.

    The Kinglake fires are really between Yea/Kinglake, but we're going no where near there anyway. We'd be travelling to the south-east side of Healesville at the absolute closest, which is quite distant (~50kms) from the Kinglake fires.

    Watching the rainfall radar images now, it looks like the areas of the Kinglake and Moondarra fires are going to get some decent rainfall, so the firies may looking at the light of the end of the tunnel pretty soon.

    Overall, it looks like the roads are clear, and weather permitting, we'll be able to do the complete ride.
  15. Gunna be a rough one, good thing you called a Class 5. With all the storms recently, leaf litter (read: tree branches) is going to be a real PITA.

    Doubt that's gunna slow you down, Cathar! :p
  16. Yes, this is something that we will have to monitor. If it looks like the roads are going to be dangerous, ala branches on the roads, then we'll abort that road. The Mt Baw Baw road is the main one I'm thinking of when I say this.

    I may be quick(ish) on the road, but I'm not stupid. I know when to slow down for potential hazards. I always take it easy on the way up Baw Baw, and only after fully scouting the road do I feel confident on the way back down. It's much like Reefton, but a little narrower and even less forgiving. If it just looks plain dangerous, we'll skip it.

    Looks like we'll also need to keep one eye on the weather too. If it's going to be squally storms on the day, then we'll probably need to postpone the ride. If it's like today though where the weather's perfectly fine up until 4-5pm, then we'll be all good.
  17. thanks for the update. i'll keep an eye on the post and the weather. i've done baw baw and it ain't my favourite road, so might skip that part.

    fingers x'd
  18. Yeah, like I said, we'll see how it goes. The first 15kms out of Noojee are actually really good fun for most anyone. It's actually after that where it gets tight. It's still fun though, but I guess it just depends on your classification of "fun". Going back/down is much easier as visibility is better.

    If it looks covered in crap, with water streaming across it as does sometimes happen, we'll U-turn it and just stick to doing the excellent foot-hills section.
  19. If Baw Baw isn't too grotty, it should be a good run. I could be tempted. Lets see if I can get up early enough. (It's a long way to the start from Brunswick)
  20. Nowhereoute tells me it's 57 minutes from Langwarrin (where I live) to the start point along the route that I take, and 58 minutes from Brunswick.

    C'mon - you can do it! :cool:

    I'll be brining my (lame) camera for an attempt at some action shots.