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[VIC] 250cc burners ride, Sat Aug 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: PNUT

    Just a bit of a squirt up around Mornington Peninsula. Good chance to blow some cob webs out.
    Will be going up Nepean hwy to Mornington to the coast rd then onto Dramana. From Dramana up to the top of Arthur's Seat.
    Stop ( coffee? )
    Down the back to...

    ... more

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  2. Does this mean that no one rides a 250 anymore? Where is all the 2fiddy's?
    Or is it me :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. Down like a Charlie Brown :cool:
  4. I could be up for that, see what the weather holds. I need to be back at albert park some time after mid day to watch a friend play lacross
  5. Would love to join, but i just have a few slight problems - parents in law are staying for the weekend and the bike needs a few repairs to get it back on the road. :tantrum: :p

    Have fun guys!
  6. woohooo Im in PNUT.
    Better be a good day.......
  7. Pity it's not on next weekend, I'm all tuckered out from a big week. Would have been a good chance to take a decent ride on the new bike.
  8. I'll definately be up for this..
  9. hmmm, i thought it meant there was going to be a burning of 250's :?

    have fun
  10. Hi Guys,

    im up for this ride if the wheather is good, only thing is im not from that part of town.

    Is there any chance of anyone meeting up with me say around springvale or somewhere a little closer to me - DONCASTER???????????
  11. Sorry mate, not going to make this one. Heading the other direction..
  12. What time are u meeting? and when will u be finishing?
  13. hey rom rom i live in clayton so if you want to meet up PM me .. otherwise im up for a 250 squirt
  14. Click on
    from the first post. doesn't have a finishing time i believe... you just keep riding until you hit sunset.
  15. hey rom, i mite be going so if ya want, u can meet me in dandenong, but i'll let you know tomorrow for sure
  16. I reckon I might jump on the vtr and join ya's, sounds like a bit of fun.
    I will definately know towmorrow arvo but at this stage I'm 100% in :wink:
  17. Thanks GOOSH & YoCaptain - will let u guys know for sure tomorrow.

    Hope all is well Adem, haven't heard from u in ages, look forward to catching up if wheather is good :))
  18. As long as i don't have to work and the weather is reasonably decent i'm up for this one, sounds fun
  19. I havent really done a ride as challenging as this before, and when I am riding in a group I think I ride stupidly because I don't get to make my own decisions....but that said...

    I am in if the weather is good and I don't have to work -

    Saturday Fine. Min 6 Max 17

    Looks good on one count so far.

    I figure you guys won't be going too fast? I probably won't come if there is alot of speeding. (call me soft....)
  20. Sorry but that's stupid. Ride with what you're comfortable with, not what the other person ahead of you is doing. If I tried to ride as fast as some of the guys I ride with now, I'll be in hospital with arms, legs and body all broken.

    Again, as long as you enjoy yourself and if you think you're confident as a Class 3, then I shouldn't see why you shouldn't go. People would rather see slow but happy and safe riders than riders who ride beyond their abilities and ,at worst, crashing.