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[VIC] 250/L/P friendly overnighter to Port Campbell, Sat Mar

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Slow Coach

    This has been in EOI forum. So I have now moved it to here.

    Looking at leaving from westgate servo outbound at 10am. Staying at the Backpackers in Port Campbell.

    The route is Melbourne-Geelong-Deans Marsh-Lorne-Skenes Creek-Colac-Lavers Hill-Por...

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  2. Cam,

    Is this ride still on? Have you booked backpackers?
  3. 14/15 march overnighter

    Count me in Cam, Definate, On my XX Cruiser. hahaha
  4. Count me in as a definite, looking forward to the GOR :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Add me to the list Cam please
  6. Me too pls :grin:
  7. count me in and pm me details of paymant pls :grin:
  8. Count me in Cam, i'll get the rest of the details off ya at a monday coffe nite or the L ride.
  9. Hahaha... good old Port Cambell....

    What more shinnanigans can we get up to? :) (Put me down as a maybe please. I'm about 75% going, just gotta check some things)
  10. i'm also a maybe (assuming the ride is still on) pending work arrangements
  11. Hey Cam,

    Count me in too mate


  12. great, count me in Cam. Thank you for organising.. (I'll be tenting again.. )
  13. Im in add me to the list pls
  14. Will PM the people on this list with my bank details etc.

    slowcoach- paid
    ZXSE- paid
    moto2- paid
    barut- camp


    Space for 24. Reply to thread or PM me and i will add you.
  15. Double bugger.
  16. Where is skuffy? It's just not a PC weekend without him!!!
  17. If I had a bike going I would so be up for this. Got a site I'm working on down in Skenes Creek too, there are some great roads there, although plenty of tree debris on the roads too that you have to be careful with.
  18. Put me down as a definite tentative - just have to double-check with the other half on dates etc - PM me payment details (how much??)

  19. Arg, we have something on that weekend - sorry I have to pull out :( Was looking forward to doing GOR - haven't done it in ages! Ah well, next time!
  20. Haven't run this past Jadey yet and not 100% if we'll have the bike back from the repairers... but would like to express my interest.

    Hope we can make it, been a LONG time since we've been on a group ride