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[VIC] 250 Friendly Black Spur Run, Sat Nov 3rd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muizz Farid

    Plans for the day:

    Meet : Coles Carpark (Maroondah Highway)
    Time : 10am till before sun down
    Activities : Do a couple of runs up to the picnic grounds and back, to practice looking through corners, leaning with the bike and keeping the balls of th...

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  2. Plans for the day:

    Meet : Coles Carpark (Maroondah Highway)
    Time : 10am till before sun down
    Activities : Do a couple of runs up to the picnic grounds and back, to practice looking through corners, leaning with the bike and keeping the balls of the feet on the pegs.
    Level : Open (Go at your own pace)

    For those on 250s that may be interested in coming....... On the day we will let the quicker guys/gals go first and the slow pokes (like me) will head off after at our own pace. The meet up point between runs would be the Picnic Grounds halfway up the Spur. The quicker guys/gals on 250s are welcome to lead the pack if they wish.

    For the crew heading in from the CBD or surrounding areas:
    Meeting across the Shell Station in Lygon then head to the Spur after.
    Leaving the servo at 9:00AM.

    We could stick in pick up points along the way if there is anyone who is not sure of how to get there.

    Innorz List :

    Moochie - CBR250RR (CBD Meet point - Healesville)
    Eugene - CBR600RR (CBD Meet point - Healesville)
    Mate 1 - R6 (CBD Meet Point - Healesville)
    Mate 2 - GSXR600 (CBD Meet Point - Healesville)
    Karen - Balilus (CBD Meet point - Healesville)
    WGM - BMW K1100 LT SE
    josh1988 - Kwaker 10r
    Silmaril - Suzi GS500E
    yian - VT250L (Healesville)
    Maverick_132 - GSX250F
    Grey BM - R100RT

    Current Probably Innerz List :

    robbied (Pending prior arrangements)
    Nin (Most Probably)

    Note : This is not a Learner Ride day, it is 250 friendly with a mix of experienced learners and semi-experienced learners on 250s as well as larger capacity bikes. If you are a new rider with not many KMs under your belt and would like to come, please be honest with your level of riding and voice out what you are and are not comfortable doing at the start of the ride. Do not try to keep up with the quicker guys/gals as we will wait for the slowest riders at set intervals (which basically means everyone will have to wait for me at set intervals). :p
    There is no pressure to keep up cuz everyone will get there eventually. :p
  3. so ur gonna make it from the city @ 9:30 (assuming everyone is on time) to healesville carpark at 10am?

    good luck with that :p

    suggest make a meeting time fairly precise, not give 30min leeway unless u wanna sit n wait 30min for scragglers lol. been there before :roll:

    let me know when u plan to be heading through Lilydale, i'll join you there :)
  4. Thanks for pointing that out nibor.
    The meet up time is 9AM for those heading out from the CBD, so we can make it to healesville by 10AM.
    Those who are heading out from the CBD area lemmie know so we don't leave anyone behind who is NOT LATE. :p
  5. Put me down as a most likely
  6. Done deal. :cool:
  7. vt250 :)

    let me be a pansy and say if anyone is around the mentone area, come and pick me up otherwise i'll be distracted by hot waiters on lygon st!
  8. Lol @ hippo.

    Doubt there will be any hot waitresses that early in the morning tho...... :LOL:
  9. Pretty sure there's an easier way to Healesville from Mentone, than going through the city. If you can make it down Springvale Rd to Maroondah Hwy (McDonald's) I can lead you in from there.

    Moochie: Just to clarify the meeting point is Coles car park in Healesville along Maroondah Hwy?
  10. Yep..... Thats the one. There is a small footpath area in the carpark near the bakery store which we would be able to park on for those who get there early.
  11. i'm sure i can find my way there.. springvale road is pretty big, so i couldn't possibly miss it, right? :)
    but i'll pm u my mobile for when i don't show up cos i'm lost
  12. Damn, I wanna skip work for this.... I might put my hand up at the last min for it...
  13. Will keep an eye out for ya post.

    Sif work man!!! Join the fun!!! :cool:
  14. I might skip work and join u guys in the morning after I call work for a sickie :grin:
  15. I'm in! See you at Healesville. Good apple cakes at that bakery. :grin:
  16. Great to hear there is more and more interest.

    See ya up there...... :cool:
  17. do you have to ride a 250 to come on this ride ?

    And why not meet at the beechworth bakery , further up from COLES and on the right, it has loads of bike parking... :wink:

    If you dont need a 250cc then count me in. I be leaving from Blackburn so I might see Nee at the maccas on springy.....just like old times eh !
  18. Scrap that plan, Ive just been reminded I will be camping in the snowies.

    OOPSI :shock:
  19. You're just like a friggen chick can't make up your mind... :roll:

    Stookie are you going on that 4 musketeers thing?
  20. Nah man..... All bikes are welcome. I'm just looking for other 250s to join me at the back while all the other fellas tear up the front..... :cool: