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[Vic] 2011 Icicle Ride - Midnight Sat 16 July 11

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, May 24, 2011.

  1. Meet point is McDonalds Lillydale (Main Street) 11:00 pm onwards for a midnight start.

    The annual BMWMCCVic Icicle Ride is an all night ride commencing at 12:00 am Midnight. The ride is run over three stages with a first stage stop for hot soup, a second stage usually ending at a all night servo with food available and the last stage ending with a large cooked breakfast. Normally the ride is around is 350 km or so.

    The ride can be done either as self navigate from instructions provided on the night or by following designated ride leaders.

    There are trophies for such things as oldest/youngest particpant, participant who travelled furthest to the start and a bad luck award.

    Netrider has won the prize for Most Represented Club for the last four years so come along and join in on this iconic event and lets try to make this five in a row.

    Stating the obvious, dress warmly.

    Entry fee $30 for early registration or $35 on the night. Registration Form

    Further details from Ian Galt captain@bmwmccvic.org.au
  2. Right, I need to go get me some caffeine pills, a HID light kit and some thermals. This sounds awesome, count me in.
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    Hope its not as cold as last year. I'll be there.
  4. oh oh oh oh..... Shopping list

    *heated Grips
    *heated jacket
    *heated socks
    *Heated neck warmer

    Sooooooooo might consider this, I mean it was cold enough last week at 4am!
  5. Are you the bugger who goes past my place at 4am? I can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing........ ;)
  6. ice on the roads...

    animals trying to kill me...

    i think i'll stay at home under my doona :D

    i commend those who do do this! bloody balls of steel!
  7. This is certainly a milestone ride.
    Last year I found out that my bike's outside temp thermometer has negative digits!!!!!
    Lancefield, 2.30am, minus 3 degrees.

    I now have heated grips.
  8. I do try to be quiet :D

  9. Brrr! :)

    Maybe I should head down for another visit. Can you at least make sure it's dry and cold this time rather than wet and warm? ;)
  10. I did it last year and it's an excellent, well organized and very memorable ride.
    Because you don't forget freezing your balls off in the icy mist at 4am. :)
  11. Was thinking about the numbers who rode last year....
    If the same turn up, wtf are they going to fit all the rider and the start?
    Maccas car park in Lilydale isn't excactly that big...
  12. Riding for Netrider this year? Or the opposition :LOL:

    Good point Joe, from memory it is also steep and not especially suited to taking a 100+ bikes. They normally start from an all night servo which also makes fuelling up easy.

    Having done both, I am not sure that wet and warm wasn't better. 2009 was best only about 20 mins of light rain and positively balmy.

    If you come you may have a shot at furthest rider award.
  13. Crap, I was hoping it would be in october again, no license for me in July :cry:

    Last year was awesome.
  14. Mmm. I did 2007 and 2008, if memory serves correctly. 2007 was on the VTR250 with utterly inappropriate gear on a damn-freezing cloudless and dry night, inland. 2008 was on the Tiger 1050 in rain, barely below 6*C along the coast and having to deal with sliding around on diesel/ice near Hastings. The trip to and from the icicle ride (back to Wollongong) was colder than the actual event!

    I'd just like it to be dry!
  15. And don't forget the kangaroo repellent.

    I forgot mine last year... :)
  16. Actually heard something on the grape line and from other clubs (yeah yeah including the mornington one) about netrider being considered and winning as a legitimate club..:-s

    To be designated as a club, you need to have a president, committee and regular committee meetings and an Incorporated Reg No..
    And it to be considered a club ride, you have to have at least one official committee member on the ride.... :deal:

    I'm not actually fussed about this sort of stuff but some clubs are....:rolleyes:
    Have better things to occupy my mind with....:p
  17. No problem...

    President: GreyBM
    Committee: TonyE + MrRoo
    Regular Committee Meetings: Annually on a Winter Evening
    Reg No: A123456789Z
  18. here we go again. have to see if the pillon will be going too!
  19. Some good points there Joe re the club definition. I'm surprised its taken this long for them to wake up and ask questions.