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[VIC] 2010 GSX-R600 New $12k r/a

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Captain_Slow, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Was in Peter Stevens Ringwood today, apparently they're liquidating 2010 plated GSX-Rs, as a result they have some white/blue and more silver/blue 2010 GSX-R600s brand-new at $12k ride away. I've been watching for 2-3 years and this bike is normally liquidated at $13.5k to $14k. So it's a bloody bargain at the moment!

    I thought long and hard about it but the insurance would be $2k comprehensive and I'm paying $150 third party for the 250 at the moment, so quite a bloody difference, and one needs comp on a theft magnet like this :(


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  2. I'm waiting for the 2011 its 9 kg lighter
  3. Yeah, I'm aware the 2011 bike has a few advancements, new bodywork, and is lighter, which explains the heavy discounting of the 2010 bike. However, if you're just looking at something for a fang and a few commuter miles, this bike comprehensively outclasses everything at this price-point.
  4. 9kg lighter and several thousand dollars more expensive...is it worth the extra cash!
  5. Once you yank the cat and stock pipe off your left with pretty much the same bike minus the brembos and forks. The front end of the 10' looks much better than the 11' also I think.
    Reviews that are coming out on on the 600 & 750 versions are pretty much the same as the last 3.
    I do like the Brembos though.......................mmmmmmmm
  6. 2k insurance on a bike worth 12k, wtf?
  7. Isn't removing the cat illegal?
  8. It used to cost me $2k for insurance on a $5k bike, so I consider that an improvement. Young, male, recently licensed, one at fault crash on a work jalopy, no insurance history, only thing in my favour is a low risk suburb.
  9. Put the bike in a family members name that has NCB and put yourself down as a nominated rider. That way you will get a discount and build up your own NCB at the same time.

    That's what did years back when I bought my first cage whilst on my P's.

    I know insuremyride currently doesn't only base there NCB on rider experience; but the number of years you have had cage or rider NCB with any insurance company.

    Dual Policy

  10. I'm a fat bastard so yes it is :)
  11. Blackster, insuremyride will not insure your bike if the owner doesn't have a motorcycle licence, so I can't put the bike under my parent's name. Also, they specifically asked me (here in Victoria) how many years riding experience I have (three), not driving and/or riding.

    RACV have always offered the cheapest insurance to me because they ask how long have I have been driving rather than riding. RACV offered $2k p.a. and it was only 10% cheaper when I included my 50 y.o. rating 1 parent.
  12. I can't find anything stated in the ADR's that stipulates it being illegal - for LC type vehicles anyway.
    It only refers to vehicle noise. I am checking with a mate who does applies ADR's at his place of work and find out for sure.
  13. Cat removal is an automatic canary in NSW. To the naked eye, a punched through cat is harder to pick up; however its easily picked up by a sniffer test.
  14. I checked and it is a $5K fine as well. I think I would rather get the new model than risk a fine like that (plus you won't poison yourself in your garage).
  15. The EPA don't take lightly to increased emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides.
  16. I checked it out and it is illegal - tampering with emission devices.
    Also, when you go to sell the bike it wouldn't pass the RWC.

  17. Ooooh! I bought my Beloved about 3 weeks ago, due to that offer.. Been aching for the 2011, but alas I have a feeling 'tis will be quite pricey. (if it won't I'll be VERY upset....)
    One dealer told me over the phone (I work in the industry) that rumour says the new ones will be around $12.990...

    I'd like to think he was just being Mean to me, as I had been giving him shit throughout the entire phone conversation, but still.
    They had BETTER be fricking (min. $15.990) expensive! :D
  18. You made the right decision, the 2011s will sell for $15,690 r.a., says so on Suzuki's website, see here. So you saved $3700. :)
  19. Eh, a 1998 $4500 ZX11 and IMR wanted $1400 off me for full comp.

    oh cock to you too :p.