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(Vic) 200Kmh on the Eastern Fwy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Day, Oct 24, 2008.

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  2. Still, you only need a decent gap and a few seconds to hit 200km/h on a modern sportsbike.
  3. He was being questioned at Fitzroy station, so the odds are he was on the inbound side (lighter traffic at that time). Even so, it's far from deserted.

    Said it before; if you're not smart enough to not get caught. your probably not smart enough to be speeding in the first place.
    Or, you should never have more horsepower than your IQ (who said that?).
  4. He must of been inbound for sure. I travel that ungodly road each day to work and it is a crawl each afternoon from Burke rd exit all the way to Doncaster Rd. I don't remember seeing any cops last night tho but I was travelling away from the City.

    Apart from the usual marked coppers, there is an unmarked silver XE(?) and a light green Camry that frequents the Eastern. The Camry is a lot easier to spot, but the VE is one of a million so blends into the traffic more.
  5. I guess the point is that anyone who does those speeds on any of the freeways is an idiot - not necessarily because of the speed but because they are so highly policed - especially at that hour. Next thing it will be "we need more cameras to catch hoons" and the limit will drop back to 80. :roll:

    The worst part of this is the opportunity it gave the media to link the story about this clown with the story about the guy on the Harley who crashed and died at a roundabout last night. All in all not the sort of media attention we need.
  6. This is an XE (this one's factory turbo charged..)...and its a ford


    I think u meant VE....more up to date lol.

  7. Neil Mitchell was on the anti-bike bandwagon again this morning.

    When will they realise, it is all about education and policing (not cameras) :roll:

    All criticising a particular user group does is pit the remainder of road users against that group (ala motorbikes, 4WDs, bicycles, trucks, p plate drivers etc)

  8. Yeah, I even asked a work mate and was told it is a VE, but my brain still wrote XE. I'll blame it on the caffiene not reaching the grey matter at that point of the morning. :roll:
  9. Did you hear the clown that phoned up Neil and said that he is an EX Drag racer living in Altona.
    He can tell exactly how fast a vehicle is travelling by listening to the revs.
    Each night behind his house he hears bikes go past doing 300Kph.
    What a tosser.
  10. ^ Yes I did get a chuckle
  11. Must have been stuck in 3rd.