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[VIC] 2009 BMW Icicle Ride, Sat Jul 4th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Vic

    It's that time of the year again.

    Departs from BP service Station Little River (M1 Princess Hwy) Melways ref:424 H2 - Just before (1.8km) Avalon Airport.
    The event runs from midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning till 7(ish)am Sunday the 5th.

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  2. I'm a sucker for punishment, count me in :)
  3. Might do, might do.

    They better make sure that the Icicle Ride itself is colder than the trip down and back from W'gong this time, or I'll be very upset! :LOL:
  4. Hell..... I may just have to attend this ride as it is not far from my place in Geelong.

    This could go one of two ways..... Finish somewhere near Port Fairy or Warnambool - which will be great as I know these roads like the back of my hand


    It could end up in bloody Albury and take me forever to get home.

    I figure that if it starts that far toward Geelong I would imagine it will end some where on my side.... Fingers crossed.....
  5. have done the last 2 years.. might as well do this one...
  6. Onya Goosh, nice to see it start 15 minutes from my place for a change.

    Should be a blast.
  7. Hopefully this year you won't scald your hands with the heated grips! :grin:
  8. Hey Vic

    Are you able to clear something up for me?

    The official entry form says that you can self navigate or join a led group for a leisurely ride,

    The ad in the "What's On" section of todays car guide in the Herald Sun says that the ride is open to all bikes and scooters,

    but the ride is listed here as a class four.

    I am keen to do it on my 250 but am a little confused. :?
  9. The ride itself is fairly straightforward; it's given a reasonably high class rating on Netrider each year because it's:
    * Overnight, from midnight til dawn. When you should be asleep.
    * Freakin' cold, being the middle of winter riding through inland Victoria. At night. Often cloudless. Riding at 80-100kph. Dress warm!
    * A "mystery ride" where you're given the navigational notes for each stage and must navigate yourself to the next checkpoint. Though usually we (Netrider) do it as a group or a handful of groups. That way we all get lost. :LOL:

    It's only about 300-400km each year and usually fairly straightforward, but the weather conditions and, uh, time of day, make it 'interesting'. :)

    Many learners have done it before, including myself on a VTR250. :)
  10. Sounds like fun. Could be a good way to meet other Netriders. I'll see if the calender at work is free for that day.

    Cheers. :grin:
  11. this ride can be done on any bike.... have done it the past 2 years on my 250... all you need to do is dress warm and appropriate... the 1st year there was no rain but last year we had a little bit.. still heaps of fun...

    always funny when trying to navigate to the next turnoff.... never know when someone stuffs up... as for the netrider group, they can do anywhere between 20 to 100 kms extra depending on who is leading :p
  12. Could be tempted again. But found out last year my night vision is not good enough to navigate in the dark. I would need a "seeing eye bike" to lead me.

    BMWMCCVic actually do have some official ride group leaders, but the group I was in last year was so big that it spread out too far and although the leader was only doing the speed limit, towards the back due to the elastic band effect you could ride at twice that and still fall behind. (or so I am told. I of course would never exceed a speed limit.)
  13. I should do one of these at some stage.
  14. You can do it by stage but it's best done by bike.
  15. Thanks for the replies Spots & Goosh

    You've convinced me, I'm in!
  16. count me in for this one, just got to work on winter proofing my riding gear :p
  17. I'll start a list of items that I've carried for the icicle ride in the past and others can add to it and I'll edit this post.

    Winter clothing (goes without saying)
    Thermal underwear
    Thermal socks
    Hot feet (these are a must, used 2 pairs last year and my feet were warm as toast)
    Heated grips (oem on the beemer :p)
    Headlight for reading your map/navigational instructions
    HiVis Vest
    AntiFog visor insert
    Crystal View visor cleaner and chux superwipes to remove the bug guts
    Thermal balaclava, i have the oxford one (really warm in winter)
    Red Bull / V / Mother whatever you prefer (careful of the caffeine intake if you are like me and piss 3 litres for every cup of coffee :( )
    Sunglasses or a dark visor for the ride home in the morning

    what have i forgotten?
  18. credit card or cash for fuel :p
  19. and a tablespoon of HTFU
  20. Actually, I think it needs expanding. A lot of 1st timers turn-up un-prepared for how cold it actually gets.
    The Icicle goes into country areas. Unless it's a warm night (around 9 degree's is warm), then it WILL be 2 or 3 degrees at 4am in the morning traveling in a flat or slightly hilly area. It will be damp and foggy, so that means wet regardless of whether it rains or not. At 2 or 3 degrees and the wind chill factor, that means it's a 'feels like' temperature of around -5 to -10 degrees when your travelling at 80km/h - 100km/h.
    If you've not been before, make sure you jump on your bike at around 11pm or later on a cold night and go an ride for a least an hour, preferably out of the urban area where buildings and lighting shelter you. Then you'll know if you and you gear is up to 6 hours of it.
    It lots of fun and achievement, but not a walk in the park. I've seen blokes who think their strong and cold blooded pulling out only 1.5hrs into it.