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(VIC) 2008 Kawasaki Z750

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by nathanshnoz, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. (VIC) 2006 Kawasaki Z750


    for sale i have my 2006 Kawasaki Z750. Have owned it for about 6 months. It's a great bike, very forgiving and has plenty of power. i sold my DRZ motard to get this and i'm selling this because i just want another motard. this was my trial into naked's and i just miss the motard far too much.

    2006 Kawasaki Z750

    27,000 (at present)

    Colour: Black

    - oxford heated hand grips
    - ventura rack
    - front mini LED indicators
    - rear fender eliminator
    - rear mini LED indicators
    - custom black numberplate
    - termignoni carbon exhaust (sounds sooo goood!!)

    Michelin Pilot Road 2's (heaps of tread left)

    Location: Anglesea (gateway to the Great Ocean Road)


    also comes with original tail setup and stock exhaust, workshop manual and owners handbook including 3 keys, and bike will be serviced prior to sale.

    RWC will be supplied depending on sale price but there would be no issues getting one at all.

    bike has a few minor scratches but has never been crashed or dropped.

    perfect bike for someone just off restrictions


    Phone Nathan 0437527135 or PM me on the forums.

    **happy to let people ride it but bring you current bike or some cash just in case - you break it you buy it **



  2. Hi, I could be interested. I had a Z1000 that i got rid of last Oct and Im currently looking for another bike. A 750 might fit the need better than the 1000 did. I am currently sorting finances , after its done Ill call you. See how we go then, obviously dont hold it for me but I am interested.

  3. bike now also comes with 13 MONTHS REGO!!
  4. price drop bike is now $7,000 NEG
  5. price drop again $6,500 firm. need the bike gone guys my V8 4WD is costing me too much! pick up a great bike for an awesome price. it's going on ebay next week otherwise guys.
  6. ah if only i had the money.

    good luck mate!
  7. if only SOMEONE had the money, it's a great bike for a great price...c'mon.....i want a motard NOW!!! hahaha
  8. give me a few more months... :p
  9. Re: (VIC) 2008 Kawasaki Z750 - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Bike is now sold!
  10. Good on you mate, what's next in line?
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Not open for further replies.