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[VIC] 2007 BMW Icicle Ride, Sat Jul 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    This event is now in its 27th year and is a midnight to dawn mystery ride, conducted by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria. Navigate your own way from the cryptic instructions or join one of the escorted groups. The ride starts at midnight, Saturday J...

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    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.

    List of those going ...
    Flipper - Support Vehicle
    Rolla - Support Vehicle
    kwaker750 +1

    Maybes (aka non-committal softcocks)
    Caz V1
  2. So how many brave Netriders do we have?
    What are our chances of taking out the prize for most members again?
    I will update this post to include names of those who put their hand up :grin:
  3. Deb, I'f i'm not fit enough to ride, can I ride in the support vehicle?
  4. Will be there again this year! Looking forward to it!

    And I will be bringing my melways again this year.... After following vic and co into drouin.... very nice road on the way in though. Meeting in St Kilda again this year, pre-ride?
  5. Hmmmmmmm :-k

    Should I tag along this year????

    :-k :-k :-k

  6. as long as u are not giving the directions! hehehe :p

    would love to come this year, but don't think it's going to happen :cry: maybe next year!!!!
  7. No probs but I must warn you, there aint much room in the back of the Vitara :oops:
  8. Well that will teach you lot to follow Vic instead of the support vehicle :p
    As much as we tried, we couldn't catch you lot thru the bends in the Vitara :oops:

    Oh, and this year, we will have the NAVMAN, just in case ;)
  9. If Vic decides he is able to ride, or if Dave decides he is going on the bike, then my passenger has your name on it Rhea :grin:
  10. I am probably going on the icicle ride again this year.

    Preferably on the Bandit 1200 (which has heated handgrips), but It will depend upon if I've managed to get a rear tyre fitted to it before then.

    Otherwise I'll be on the Guzzi.
  11. been mad enough to do it twice in my life, why not a third! :shock:
  12. this year I have a bike thats not in bits, and all over the place....so I will be in it
  13. It goes all night?!! :shock: How do people stay awake? Hmmm... maybe I could sneak a nanna nap in between work and the ride... Thinking about it.
  14. well i have a bike this year. so maybe.

    will have to confirm closer to the date.
  15. I will be there!

    And Netrider will be taking out the trophy this year!!!

    Last year, due to a dubiously scheduled party that took away some Icicle regulars, we let the trophy go to the "BibleBashers on Bikes"

    This year we won't let them take the title by default!
  16. As a shiftworker, for me such an event is a no brainer. But for those who aren't used to staying up all night and functioning properly it can be challenge. This is more so given the nature of the event.

    Best bet is to get as much sleep before the start of the ride as possible. Have a light meal before you set off. Tucking into a huge roast or similar is a no-no. Have say, dinner around 5pm. Then when you get up, have a toasted sanger or similar with a cuppa. Take snacks with you, particularly lo GI stuff so that you get a slow release all night. If you intake caffeine to try and stay awake, what you drink at say 3am, will kick in around 6am.

    This is how I'd approach something like this, anyway. Others who've done the ride may think differently.
  17. I remember I saw many a four pack of v/red bull being consumed. that and in combination with ridding through the cold at 100km/h, makes for little sleep.
    Last year, had just jumped off a shift at work and had decided to go six hours previous, so no benefit of a nanna nap, but it would help.
    and have the bike prepped and ready - chain oiled and adjusted, tyres with plenty of tread left, wet/flippin cold weather gear, engine that is not too tempremental, and detergent for the visor (thanks vic!), its about 4-500ks, it really does fill up the six hours.
  18. I have just been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, and I have been told I'll have to take it easy for the pain to get better.

    I may have to give the icicle a miss this year...
  19. ouch! Heal quick and well.

    I have been informed that ineed to Find a seat for a Bike-Mad pillion. Not such a bad thing i guess
  20. Was't my idea to have the Icicle ride that night. They can change there date i can't :LOL: :LOL: