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Vic 2006 road toll the second lowest on record, but...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Article here.

    Of course, if we'd just recorded our second-highest road toll, the police would also be promising even tougher enforcement in 2007. That is, of course, the remedy that cures all ills. :roll:
  2. 9 fewer deaths than last year ey? good to see those greed cameras making a world of difference.

  3. Dunno if it's related, whether it's a coincidence or not or whether it's irony, but the NT, without speed limits and largely a lack of enforcement didn't record any fatalities during the holiday period.

    Now that they have limits imposed as of today, what can we expect?
  4. You have to fall asleep and drive 5km off the road before striking anything up there. When you do it's most likely to be a local shading under a gum tree :LOL:

    They have fewer vehicles up there no?
    They have wide open roads up there no?

    Here there is a tree or a post for you to hit when you stray off the road for 2 meters.
  5. "A 39-year-old woman has become the Northern Territory's first road fatality of the Christmas-New Year period after she died in a single vehicle accident."

  6. I think they have a lot of rollovers though. High speed, go off the road, hit a ditch start one of 10 revolutions. Just look at Senator Collins. And the article Mouth just posted. While they have few fatalities comparitively, when people do have accidents they are often catastrophic because of the speeds involved. Oh, and have you seen the size of the wildlife up there? I was doing 140 in a Tarago when a wild boar came screaming out of the low scrub onto the road. I just had time to swerve around it. If I had been doing 180 I'd be dead because it would have demolished the front of the Tarago and it probably would have rolled without steering.

    As has been mentioned elsewhere they need to work more on drink driving. I have spent a lot of time in Katherine and Darwin thanks to being in the military and some of the stuff I have seen with drunk drivers is really scarry. Haven't seen one RBT up there even though I have probably spent all up about a year up there.
  7. Cant compare NT to VIC due to huge difference in the two environment/population.

    NT also now have imposed speed limits. They were one of small remaining backward
    cities in the world & only state in Aust that has/had no speed limits.
  8. Hmm lowest road toll in years - lowest rainfall in years too. Given that a lot of accidents do seem to occur on wet roads I wonder just how closely linked these two things are.
  9. Closely, I'd say.

    As motorcyclists, we know enough to take it easy in the wet. Whereas, habitual car drivers really don't have a clue.

    Just listen to the morning radio shows and the reporting of crashes, road closures, etc. which increases whenever there's crap weather.

    One of the more scary things is fog - drivers who refuse to put their headlights on, those who think that they have radar vision and can see through fog, hence they maintain their higher speeds.
  10. Hey darl you forgot

    THE preverbial

    I Know THIS road i drive it EVERY DAY

    like huh what tha
    differnt vehicles ''Never '' use it

    so basicly the same ones are there the same time every day
  11. The same statement often gets dragged out by "country folk" about why they don't stop at Rail Crossings......

    "The only train through (insert name of small town) is the 4:59 to (insert next mall town)" :driver:

    (Insert screeching of the brakes of the 4:45 unscheduled express)...... :(
  12. Yeah if anything they seem to go faster (probably worried that their car's getting wet). This of course raises the question that if rainfall returns to normal, and the fatality/crash rate goes up - then who's the government going to use as a scapegoat.
  13. Some would say 100km/h is an unsafe speed in a Tarago, I will say I've used Tarago's at race tracks for various things which require getting to incidents in a hurry & they do handle well BUT there is nothing between your legs & the object you hit except some sheet metal.

    From reading various magazine articles on this subject the biggest problem in NT is that speeding & drink driving is not a licence or points loss offence, get done for DUI and you get fined and shoved back in your car (so to speak). They have a high drink related crash problem and this dropping the limit to 130km/h wont fix that.