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[VIC] 2002 SV 650n *****SOLD******

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Stormtrooper, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. For sale is a black SV 650 naked.

    Being the 02 model, its the curvy with carbies and a nice rumble through the Staintune can.

    Bike has done about 44,000kms and is in very good condition.

    Dunlop Roadsmart tyres front and back, back around 70% front at 95%.

    Registered until July 2010.

    Mods include:
    Staintune exhaust with baffle
    Fender Eliminator
    ZX-6 rear shock
    Clear indicators on the back
    Ignition retard mod
    Givi A450 screen
    Ventura rack

    Great bike, lots of fun - just a bit too short for me, and not so much room for two-up touring.

    Selling with RWC - $4.5k



  2. I don't think the forum gallery has worked in a while. Use imageshack or similar.
  3. Friend might be interested, passed the bike details onto him, will let you know :)
  4. Quite interested - eager to see some pics. Where are you based?
  5. Hey guys,

    I'll get some pics up tonight.

    Bike is in Bendigo, but I'm happy to meet up part way (any excuse to get out!)
  6. Got any photos big enough to see the bike?
  7. nice bike. if only i was off restrictions and the cash to grab it :)

    good luck with the sale... but by the looks of it you dont need much luck :) (this time)
  8. I do have bigger photos... i went through imageshack and got them resized so as not to take up too much space.... let me try it again...
  9. Still got it?

    If so, keen to check it out.
  10. Yep, bike is still available.

    PM sent.
  11. Apparently I haven't posted enough yet to reply via PM :shock:
    (guess it's one closer now...)

    So can you PM me an email address or phone no? Keen to head out your way for a squiz on Sat or Sun if that works for you (and if you still have the bike then of course).

  12. The SV has now sold!!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.