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(Vic) 2 girls 2 Kawa's, charity BBQ 27th April

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    I'm sure you've heard about the '2 Girls 2 Kawasaki's', two girls riding around Oz to raise money for M.A.R.I. Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative, for St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney.

    Preston motorcycle club has joined with the girls and are running a fund-raising BBQ dinner ($15 per head), with them, at the Preston club rooms in Coburg (Vic) at 6pm on Tues 27th of this month (next Tues).

    See this link for more details, see you all there.

  2. Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

  3. Good Luck with the Ride Mel.
    The Charity relates to anyone who rides on two wheels.
    I'm sure that you girls will get plenty of support.
  4. Thanks Peter!

    We are hoping to help raise awareness of this initiative as well as funds along the way, a lot of people have never heard of MARI - it is such a worthy cause and I would love to see it spread Australia wide!

    Are you able to make it on Tuesday Peter? Haven't seen you for AGES!!
  5. Mel what time do you think the BBQ and people will be at the venue till?
    I wouldn't be able to get to Preston until around 9pm.Do you think that people will still be there then?

  6. Maybe the Tuesday night learners ride could drop in after the ride.
  7. The PMCC crew will still be there at 9pm!!
    Your Tuesday night group is more than welcome to drop in. Plenty of bike parking right out front.
    Hope you can all buy a raffle ticket to assist MARI.
    The PMCC prize, to be drawn on the night, is two Broadford practice day vouchers, 12 months membership to PMCC, 4 entry passes to each of the next three rounds of the Victorian Road Race Championships, plus other goodies. Tix are $5 each or 3 for $10. If you do not want the the bbq there will be the usual PMCC supper stuff, party pies etc and tea & coffee.
    The gals will also have there raffle tickets to sell.
  8. I should be there around 9ish.Who else is going?
  9. Top night. Good work Sue and whoever else organised it. Pity we only had a handful of Netriders turn up.
  10. Thanks for coming!
    It was good to see all the very nice Kawasaki people there.
    Mel & Robin sure have a lot of support from that group.
    Hope Netriders buy some raffle tickets at the coffee nights!
    The galzz are doing such a good job for MARI and it is a cause that deserves support from all of us.
  11. Netriders are buying tickets. I've hit two events and sold a few ticks and intend to hit a few more over the weekend. Asked the nice policeman at the Mystery ride who told me my bike was unregistered (it wasn't but still had that brown trouser moment) for a donation but he declined.

    eh BM, should I ask the cops who always set up booze buses in Macaulay/Racecourse road if they would like to buy a raffle ticket too?
  13. Thanks to the netriders who bought the raffle tickets at N/R events, over the past week or two.
    The tickets will be on sale at.....
    PMCC race school, Broadford Saturday 15th May
    Round 2, Interclub, Broadford Sunday 16th May
    Victorian Road Race Championships, Phillip Island, May 22nd & 23rd.
    The raffle will be drawn at the PMCC club rooms, Tuesday 1st June, 2010.
  14. The raffle has been drawn and the winner has been notified.
    The winning ticket was sold by GreyBM at the Southbank Friday night coffee.
    Thanks to all n/r's who bought tickets and supported the galzz.
  15. Who says I don't sell good stuff.

    So anyone want to buy a few litres of snake oil?
  16. The winner has picked up the goodies over the weekend!
    Thanks G/BM for selling the tickets.