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[VIC] 1987 Yamaha FJ1200 (12 mths rego, 38k, $4400)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cragv, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. [VIC] 1987 Yamaha FJ1200 (12 mths rego, 38k, $3990)

    SOLD! - 1987 Yamaha FJ1200
    1200cc Sports Touring Motorcycle with Extras!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Price drop: $3,990 firm.

    This has been a reliable motorcycle which, once the right tyres were installed (radials @ R42 & F36 PSI), has been a blast to ride. With power to spare, I've explored much of the southern states on this bike with full trust it would always get me home. It still has many more kays to give, with the odometer only on 37,500km at time of writing - these engines have a reputation for being bullet-proof and it is not uncommon to see them doing 130,000km+ without rebuilds. Keep the oil fresh and the radiator/cooler clean and it'll faithfully deliver kilometer after kilometer. The previous owner had it for about a year after the original owers gave it to him - two brothers with touring aspirations who apparrently never really got the bug. I picked it up in Feb this year, seeing the potential for a touring masterpiece, and have made it my own with mods and upgrades to suit the intended purpose.

    Insurance has cost me $290 per year for Full/Comprehensive, including fire and theft, with WQBE. Your mileage may vary, but this is a cheap 'big' bike to own and run. I've just renewed the rego (28 Oct 09) which cost $550. Rego expires 28 Oct 2010.

    I do most of the servicing myself (apart from balancing carbs and checking valves - don't have the right tools yet for that) but have otherwise kept the oil changed every 4,000km or less (although the manufacturer states 6,000km as being its service interval), the air filter clean, and the chain cleaned/lubed and properly adjusted. The bike has a big old engine which runs best on Castrol GTX for Older Engines - a new bottle and 2 spare oil filters are included in the sale, along with a Haynes workshop manual (some pages have a couple of oily fingerprints!).

    Sadly, I've only put about 10,000km on the clock this year and am now selling because as my business is picking up I've realised I just won't have the time to explore country roads for a while. I'm going to get a small-capacity sports bike that'll suffice for the next couple of years, then look at tourers again sometime down the track.

    Work performed in 2009 (ie. in the last 10,000km):
    • Clutch spring replaced with heavy duty version
    • New U-ring chain & sprockets in Sep 09
    • New Dunlop radial tyres in May 09 (near-new second front tyre also comes with bike)
    • Full service performed in Feb 09
    • Two self-services performed since full service (oil & filter change, air filter clean, rear brakes + new brake fluid F&R, clean & adjust chain, lube cable points & other checks as per Haynes manual)
    • New bulbs all round (headlight, tail light (two bulbs at back, each do light + brake duties for redundancy), licence plate light, front indicators)
    • Battery & alternator upgraded to provide additional power for electrical/touring requirements
    • Oxford heated grips installed (Jul 09)
    • New front fork seals and oil (Nov 09)

    This bike has been fitted out with all sorts of touring extras and has had hundreds of dollars spent on it to freshen it up for touring and city riding alike. The heated grips and touring-biased fairing mean you'll be able to ride it 12 months of the year, in sun or rain, and the upgraded electrical system means you'll be able to run everything from your iPod and heated clothing to a GPS unit and the DC air compressor (included) if things go a bit flat while in the middle of nowhere. Here's a list of what I've done to get it ready for long rides:
    • Upgraded the electrical system:
      • Alternator from 2004 XJR1300 (purchased & installed Sep 09)
      • High capacity 'Yuasa' maintenance-free SLA battery ($185, purchased new & installed Jul 09 from Battery World)
    • Oxford Heated Grips (purchased new & installed Jul 09)
    • Twin stainless steel Staintune exhausts - extra power and deeper sound. $1400 spent by original owner.
    • Gear-rack & Gearsack - rack vastly stronger than Ventura-style racks. Installed by original owner.
    • 12v DC cigarrette port outlet installed in tail section of bike - useful for camping and for powering DC air compressor (supplied), etc.
    • Front & rear USB 2.0 (power + data) with waterproof dust cap.
      • Can be used to power iPod, phone, GPS - anything USB-powered - both at the handlebars and under the rear cowling behind the seat!
      • 1500mAh DC converter @ 5V powering a 4-port USB 2.0 hub in sealed box, installed in bike's tail section
      • Is switchable on/off via headlight switch:
        • Off - lights & USB both off
        • Park - USB is on and park lights are on
        • Full - USB is on and headlight is on.
      • All wiring has been double-soldered (wires split into two sections and soldered to protect against friction over long-term use)
      • All wiring has also been double-heat shrunk for heat, weather & vibration protection.
      • Entire electrical system since being upgraded has done 10,000km flawlessly.
    • Heavy-duty clutch
    • Sheepskin seat cover with rubber base - all-day comfort for the rider & provides a non-slip seat for pillions (works very well).
    • 12v DC-powered air compressor and tyre repair kit
    • 5L jerry can (straps to gear rack when travelling)

    Extra items supplied with motorcycle (some mentioned above already):
    • Haynes service manual (hard cover, purchased new this year for $60 delivered)
    • Sheepskin cover with rubber base (worth ~$50)
    • New Castrol GTX 20W-50 5L unopened oil bottle - ready for next oil change (worth ~$30)
      • (do NOT run synth or semi-synth in this engine unless you want a slipping clutch!)
    • 2x new/unopened oil filters (worth ~$18 each)
    • New/unopened rear brake pads to suit FJ1200 (worth ~$40)
    • Gearsack - old and worn but still does the job (about worthless, but hey, it works!)
    • DC air compressor and tyre repair kit (cheapie, worth around $50 delievered)
    • 5L jerry can (for petrol) - gives you an extra 80km in reserve - good for peace of mind in remote areas (worth ~$20)
    • Original alternator - am happy to dispose of this if you don't want it
    • Spare front tyre with ~80% tread left on it

    The bike is in good overall condition, considering its age (~23 years). The engine runs beautifully and starts first time every time (unless you flood it by twisting the throttle - use the choke when cold, that's all). Engine note is a low hum in the bottom third of the rev range, gets to a bit of a roar from 4k to 8k, then really howls from 8k to 10k/redline. Peak power is made about 900rpm short of red, but it pulls like a train in any gear at any speed, so you'll rarely go there. Frame is good and strong, wheels are true and running gear is working as it should. The fairing has seen better days, but still looks good if you don't inspect it too closely. Fuel guage hasn't worked since I bought the bike - I use the odometer as my indicator to empty - ~400km to empty on the freeway; 350km to empty around town, and the odo-reset button is missing its rubber hat. Works fine and is not affected by this. The windscreen is an original factory-spec sports screen. It isn't completely clear (has some scratches, marks, etc.) and is missing 2 screws. Some other misc small bits are missing here and there (certain small parts of the fairing, couple of cracks that have been mended in the past, one of the front fork plastic dust caps), but overall the bike is intact and still completely functional. If I had to ride to Perth tomorrow, I'd have full confidence in the bike to get me there, and back, without skipping a beat. She's been a good and reliable steed. For this kind of bike with such low kays, $4400 should be about right. Come and see it for yourself!

    You're welcome to come along for a test ride. Please bring $4400 cash to leave with me (you break it (or don't come back) and you've bought it), or else you may leave me with a photocopy of your license (I can do this here), a photo of your smiling face (I'll take it when you visit), and your car/bike keys and vehicle you arrived in/on. You test-ride or pillion at your own risk.

    I understand that vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 were not required to have a VIN. VicRoads' Vehicle Status Check will not give you a result for this bike as it does not have a VIN. The engine number on the FJ1200 is the same as the chassis/frame number, which is what WQBE (my insurance company) and VicRoads have accepted for my registration. This bike's engine/chassis number is: 1WK002139 (this is how it appeared on the last RWC I got for the bike in Feb 2009). The bike is not under encumberance or listed as a write-off, but to confirm this for yourself you would need to call VicRoads on 13 11 71 during business hours. I'm happy to facilitate any questions or requirements you may have in your pre-purchase checks. Speaking of which, an RWC will be supplied prior to the sale (I will have this done next week sometime).

    I'm willing to ride the bike to you for inspections in/around metro Melbourne, or interstate (anywhere) if you'll pay for related expenses (petrol, accommodation, return flight, etc). In this case, payment will be required up-front, in full, via bank deposit or bank cheque. I'm also happy to hold the bike for you for a limited time (up to 2 weeks) if you decide to buy and pay in full up-front. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your options here.

    Please send me a PM. I'm a genuine seller with a genuine motorcycle, and would be happy to answer anything you'd like to know. Thanks!
  2. Now with RWC, courtesy of High Octane Motorcycles (Settlement Road, Thomastown). Ready for your ride-away purchase!

    Newer pics added to original post; previous ones pasted here for reference:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Without a doubt the most comprehensive bike ad I have ever seen compiled in 22 years of reading them. I had an 88 FJ many a bike ago, fantastic machines, like riding a couch-a quick one but :)
  4. Well, a web forum makes it easy to add detail :)

    They are a great bike - speed couch FTW!
  5. In a week or so, I'm going to drop the price of this bike to "$3990 firm", and external sites. Thought I'd mention it on the forum here first so you can get in earlier if you've been considering taking a closer look.

    Flick me a PM if you're interested :)
  6. Well, the new owner rode off on my FJ today. I'll miss her - she was a great bike.
    Cheers guys :)
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