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[VIC] 10am Saturday Learner/New Rider Basic skills practice sessions chat thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kernel, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Let's stop clogging the main thread and put all chatty stuff here.
    This includes requests/offers for escorting.

  2. But isn't that exactly what the other thread is for?
  3. Yeah, don't see this working lol. Especially not in GD.
  4. Probably not but it is not my thread.
  5. Requests/offers for help being escorted in to Sat learner's prac have always been made in the other thread, and imo should remain so as it relates directly to that event.

    "If you want to come but don't feel confident about getting there on your own, please post in the thread and we'll try to find someone who lives nearby to ride there with you. Don't forget to post your suburb."

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  6. Agree. But sometimes it is a little tiresome that they are then debated endlessly.
  7. ^^^ As opposed to cake. :LOL: :p
  8. I heard something about escorts and got my hopes up...

    Oh well, back to Google, as you were...

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  9. This is due to the fact the hardly anyone actually reads the thread bar the last page then asks all the questions that have already been answered.
  10. well they haven't been around for a while


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    Could always start your own business

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  11. Partly because the last five pages are only filled with whose going to breakfast or where should we meet up to get to the pre-meet point for the ride to the meet point.
  12. oh alright then, let this yet another useless thread by Kernel die...
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  13. I believe I'm partially to blame in regards to to this thread being started but I just wanted to see if there was anyone in my area to ride in with and all of a sudden I was swamped with suggestions.
  14. Don't sweat it Mr SMV, that's the nature of the Sat'dy crew, they're a generous (and chatty) bunch ... notwithstanding MM's scarey image above. :wink: You posted in the right spot. Trust you're all sorted with getting there now.
  15. Kernel, there's real merit in your idea of trying to contain off topic chat ... it's important newcomers and questions from those seeking help, advice, assistance in relation to Sat prac aren't lost amidst it all.

    But a big part of what makes it special is the social dimension, and that's going to spill over into the thread.

    Not sure how you manage that ... although between Melbourne Mick's Thursday on-track reminder, and GreyBM & Hawklord pulling it back into line it from time to time seems to work ok. Don't know that another thread is really needed for the same event. *shrug*

    Now, onto other matters ... Aly's bringing cake! :shock:
  16. Appreciate that Birdman, thanks mate.
  17. Definitely not aimed at you MrSMV

    And the lovely wol is a lady
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  18. I want a pet wol :p
  19. Whoops, my bad. Sorry birdgirl. I'm not too bright.
    The whole sorceress thing should've given me a hint hey.