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[VIC] 1.7 million "boost" to motorcycle safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wallyt99, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Tuesday 8, April 2008

    Media release
    From the Minister for Roads and Ports


    Parliamentary Secretary, Martin Pakula today announced a $1.7 million boost to motorcycle safety, funded through the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

    Mr Pakula said the funding boost was for upgrades to seven motorcycle blackspot areas across the state, and additional funds worth $950,000 will go towards a public education campaign to improve driver awareness of motorcycles at intersections.

    â€Motorcycling is a lifestyle and pastime for almost 300,000 Victorians, but motorcycling enthusiasts face added risks and vulnerability compared with other road users, “Mr Pakula said.

    Motorcyclists account for around 14 per cent of the annual road toll, but making up less than one per cent of travel on Victorian roads.

    “The Motorcycle Safety Levy is essential to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed and injured each year.â€

    Mr Pakula said the seven blackspot areas selected for upgrading are long route projects.

    “The aim of long route projects is to generate more consistent conditions along the entire length of the road. Such projects generally include improvement to the road surfaces, linemarking, the installation of motorcycle friendly signage, improved barrier protection and other upgrades to create consistency along a route,†Mr Pakula said.

    “Preliminary investigations into the impact of the Motorcycle Safety Levy have shown an indicative 38 percent reduction in motorcycle casualty crashes at locations that have been upgraded.â€

    The following locations are to receive upgrades:

    $355,000 for the Willogrove Road, Baw Baw Shire - upgrades include installing more safety signage, reflective guideposts and guard fences;
    $348,000 for Victoria Street, Melbourne - upgrades include improvements to the road surface, line marking, removal of oil build up at intersections and new pavement; $308,000 for Philip Island Tourist Road, Bass Coast Shire - upgrades include installing more safety signage, resurfacing sections of the road and removal of bollards near the carriageway;
    $305,000 for Buchan Orbost Road, East Gippsland Shire - upgrades include curve widening and edge of road improvements at high risk locations, removing vegetation and installing more safety signage;
    $250,000 for St. Kilda Road, St. Kilda - upgrades include road resurfacing to remove unevenness, removing oil build up and trimming back foliage to improve visibility;
    $92,000 for Bright-Tawonga Road, Alpine Shire - upgrades include installing more safety signage and sealing the road surface;
    $89,000 for Back Beach Road, Philip Island, Bass Coast Shire - upgrades include removing redundant roadside objects, installing more safety signage and installing reflective guideposts.

    Mr Pakula said the public awareness campaign would be specifically aimed at addressing the number of motorcycle crashes that occur at intersections.

    “Between 2001 and 2005, 37 percent of serious casualty motorcycle crashes in Victoria occurred at an intersection. In urban areas it was even higher at 54 percent,†Mr Pakula said.

    “The education campaign is an important part of the Government’s commitment to raise awareness about motorcycle safety.

    “The Brumby Government continually works with the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council to direct funds raised through the Motorcycle Safety Levy back to a wide range of initiatives to improve motorcycle safety.â€

    The Motorcycle Safety Levy is paid by motorcyclists as part of their TAC premium when renewing their registration.
  2. If you ask me, these 'boosts' to safety are a load of BS......

    I am a motorcyclist and I will never ride in those areas, yet I still pay the 'safety levy'

    Just serves to remind me what a load of absolute BS this 'Motorcycle levy is'

    ...Hmmm.....we need a new tax Lets pin one on motorcyclists. They are a minority!
  3. Pity it's not also a 'means of commuting', and other practical things, rather than soley a daredevil extreme sport. :?
  4. What the hell are they going to seal the road surface with for $92000??? Manure???
  5. So most of our money goes to fixing roads that car drivers will also
    benefit from and should have been fixed without a safety levy.

    Where does my petrol tax go then?

    Oh that's right, social welfare. F$%^&*n :evil:
  6. and half the fun of some of those roads are they are poorly signed imo :evil:
  7. One point which you should all note - these six Road Upgrades were culled down from the original long list, put forward by Vic Roads, by VMAC. That means there were others that were rejected by VMAC - thanks to the strong rider representation on VMAC that now exists.

    The Public Education program is another issue which the VMAC riders reps fought hard for and won - TAC willl be matching dollar for dollar I believe....

    The rider reps have fought hard to move away from road repairs. Basically - the proof of concept will result in improvements to Engineering Standards applied by Vic Roads Engineers in future. There will be a lot less spent on road repairs inn future.

    While the Levy may sound unfair on the surface - it has led to some good outcomes and certainly the riders reps on VMAC are in control and steering the ship in the right direction. Needless to say, it may not be perfect yet - but riders are being heard and understood in the right places.. :grin: Its our money - VMAC are stopping them from spending it improperly and the rider reps are making Vic Roads highly accountable for Your Money!
  8. Well, you'd be hoping they do more than just repair some bits that have been damaged in fires, but maybe that's too cynical.

    Most of the rest of those roads I could nearly justify on the grounds that a lot of bikes use them, but Victoria Street, Melbourne and St Kilda Road? That really should come out of general revenue IMHO.

    I don't mind about the signage, as long as it's not in the run-off area, and not a new, lower limit.

    Not against the awareness campaign, either.
  9. Two of the roads on the list are popular with riders. Tawonga Gap and the Willow Grove-Noojee Road (presuming that this is the one).

    With the Tawonga road, I'm not sure what needs to be done to further improve it. What extra signage will do to make it safer I'm not sure, unless they're talking about more accurate speed advisory signs, which have to take in cars, trucks etc..

    The Willow Grove road is narrow and badly needs reconstructing, in my view. Hopefuly these guard rails are twin rail armcos that I've seen in some spots in recent times. I'd much prefer to see the bottom rail be constructed of large diameter poly pipe, something that can flex and absorb impact better than a rigid steel rail can. Ditto for WRBs.
  10. Mr Paluka :LOL: will probably make sure there's a nice thick layer of gravel or something.
  11. Just after the lookout on the run into tawonga last time there was a lot of rock etc from the face of the cliff, a wall/packing that bank better would be nice.....also couple turns just down from there with some pretty decent bumps if i remember correctly...all in all cracker piece of road though woohoo :grin:
  12. Thats right they do not spend all the revenue generated by the motorcycle safety levy on motorcycle safety initiatives. Who keeps the checks and balances. If they are going to make us pay a tax due to a specific reason shouldn't we expect in good faith they will spend the money raised on the specific reason they taxed us in the first place?
  13. Back Beach rd??? Going off the work they're proposing I can't see how it'll help motorcyclists at all. And I can't see how that rd is a motorcycling blackspot.

    How about resurfacing the Lang Lang to Drouin rd. There's money that'll be well spent and make life a bit cruisier for motorcyclists.
  14. I guess it just doesn't get the tourist traffic. There's no point in fixing up roads it the government can't advertise it to a heap of cagers and say "look how we fleeced those hoon motorcyclists to make your drive a bit easier." Maybe I'm just getting cynical but it would seem that politics is more important than riders.

    I'm not convinced they're in control. Why would they push forthe work on St Kilda road or Victoria St when it should clearly come from general road revenue? :?

    I wonder if the levy will soon be used to clean up the piles of gravel on the turn into my steet left by the clowns that replaced the gutters on Lower Heidi Rd?
  15. Each one was passed for a good reason. I am very close to to what is happening and met with them yesterday to keep abreast of what is happening.

    It is natural to say, "I don't trust them", if you are not close to the coal face.

    All I can say is that I am very impressed by the enthusiasm and effort being put in by a group of riders who are not being paid for "keeping Vic Roads on their toes". I have sat in on several VMAC meetings - it is a real eye opener - and the rider group are the ones who call the shots. There are things that they have in mind which I find very exciting......

    Remember - because it is Quarantined Money, Vic Roads can't just use it as they like. VMAC are the ones who sign off on everything, who make recommendations which the Minister then acts on. Its the overiding votes by the Rider Group which ensures that things are accepted or rejected. They don't let things get through easily - and there have been some items which Vic Roads wanted desperately - which got rejected because the riders just didn't support it........

    Don't forget - the VMAC Chairman is a rider, and a very experienced one at that. To add to this he is also an Ex ALP Politician/Federal Minister who knows the Labor system and who is held in high regard by his Labor peers..... :grin: :grin:
  16. Who are these rider representatives?
    Who appointed them?
    What is their expertise in road safety?
    Are they voicing riders concerns or their own concerns?

    AFAIK no one has ever asked me what my thoughts are. No one has ever said "thank's for that, I'll bring it up at the next VMAC meeting"

    Anyone else been asked for their opinions?

    Rosie is spot on, "Back Beach Road"???????????

    Hey do the roundabout near my house, its really bumpy so I need to straight line it. We all know what happens to those that straightline roundabouts :mad:
  17. If only they used the money from the fine to repair the said roundabout :eek:
    I know of a few where the level changes and if you stuff it up you sort of fall down the road (It has a changing level of bitumen, around a half inch or so), Bloody scary in the dry, in the wet I ride at near walking pace upright >_>
    The other ones are the truck routes where theres huge ruts in the road, hate that.
  18. VMAC includes representatives of motorcycle rider groups,
    manufacturers, retailers and rider training organisations, as
    well as Victoria Police, Transport Accident Commission, Monash
    University Accident Research Centre and VicRoads.

    VicRoads provides administrative support to the Council.

    Appointed by the Government (Victorian Minister for Roads and Ports)

    For further information on VMAC matters email vmac@roads.vic.gov.au


    Hon. Neil O’Keefe

    Mr O’Keefe is a former Member for the Federal seat for Burke in
    Victoria, is an economics graduate from Latrobe University with
    significant experience and expertise in the areas of finance,
    infrastructure, water, energy, agriculture and resources.

    Why refer to someone in the 3rd person when you know the person? :roll:

  19. grrrh
    typical pollie shit speak
    here is the carrot..and this is how you will pay for it

    and stats...???
    â€Motorcycling is a lifestyle and pastime for almost 300,000 Victorians, but motorcycling enthusiasts face added risks and vulnerability compared with other road users, “Mr Pakula said.
    Motorcyclists account for around 14 per cent of the annual road toll, but making up less than one per cent of travel on Victorian roads.

    stats stats and lies
    wrong Mr Politician

    300,000 adults with mudderbiike licences as you say...BUT
    3 million adults in Vic = 10% of the Vic population have a bike licence!
    how the hell can they work out we only do 1% of travel has me stuffed
    them satellites already tracking us...or is it the excuse for FNPs...

    nice to have the $ spent on roads though

  20. No, it doesn't get the crashes - which is the criteria. The road treatments are based on crash numbers - nothing else.

    I argued against Victoria Street as I believe that the causes are from cars & trucks damaging the roads and dropping oil. Unfortunately it is hard to argue when you get the list of crashes along there. Not necessarily major crashes but a lot of riders come off there in single vehicle crashes.

    Elgin St and Johnston St were also on the list. They also have a lot of crashes, however they were taken off after we (the riders) analysed the crashes and pointed out that they had little to do with the road surface- there were numerous pedestrian and turning vehicle crashes.

    We just knocked back an attempt to treat a 25k section of road when we pointed out that while there were a lot of crashes they were confined to a 3k section.

    And the number of people with a licence is irrelevant - it's the number of people riding - nowhere near the same thing.