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[Vic] 1.5 litre hydration packs - $9.00!! Until Sun 9th Nov

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. With summer coming, every rider that gets out in the heat should, IMHO, have and use a hydration pack to ensure they take on a good amount of water during a ride.

    Anaconda are having a 4 day sale, and have 1.5 litre hydration packs (small backpack with water bladder and drinking tube) for only $9.00, until Sun 9th Nov.

    http://www.anaconda.com.au - click on the #2 flash advert to open the PDF. It's on page 2, on the centre right of page.

    Note: Some good bargains in store for Camping/Outdoor enthusiast during this sale. I just lay-bye'd over $300 of stuff today :)
  2. They look like they may be good for enemas. I may by two in case one wears out.
  3. Sweet, cheers Jase, that's two good kicks of the footy from me mum's place.

    As for you Bonkers, go easy. You need that thing working.
  4. Thanks for the heads up.
    I grabbed a couple + a bag I saw.

  5. they are also good for putting beer or spirits into and smuggling them into venues :-O. Or just when you on a bus trip. you can fit a 700ml spirit bottle and a 700ml of mixer into it. just make sure to occational release the pressure in the bladder.

    oh yeah and they ae great for bikes, trecking etc.
  6. Re: [Vic] 1.5 litre hydration packs - $9.00!! Until Sun 9th

    I didn't realise that you could layby a sale before it starts, good to know cheers!
  7. Anything like this in Syd?? Aww mannn!
  8. I just ordered it by fax, you can also ring them and use your credit card.

    Postage is cheap as! $5.95 FIXED PRICE!
  9. OK I'm heading down there in about an hour. Who wants one? I'll get as many as I'm allowed and you can pick 'em up from my gaff sometime or I'll bring em next time I see ya. I'll check this thread before I go.
  10. Nobody? Cool!
  11. The bayswater store had the $9 hydration units for $29 and said that they didnt know about any sale.

    Never going back in there again.
  12. You should have made them jump on there own website and look at the flyer...
  13. The website has a notice about a Moore Park store coming soon. Maybe they'll put on the same sale for it's opening.
  14. They sell 3 different kinds for $29... they were the ones in the 2 big bins when you first walk in the door.

    Me and a mate got one each.
  15. Went back in this morn with a printout of the flyer - but they were all gone!
  16. Yeah my instructor gave me that tip, just put a jumper on over the top and watch with a limp, eyes cross eyed and drooling slightly whilst walking past the security point (to explain the hump ;) ).

    One for riding, one for boozing..

    Wouldn't want to get those two mixed up though :LOL:
  17. I bought some things and had a look around the store at other stuff (and there was plenty of it). When I got home I took a look online and found that some of the items there were more than RRP/list from the manufacturer, eg, one of their pushbike tyre pumps was 33% over RRP. Not everything is on special.
  18. tai

    same sale is on from this saturday at anaconda stores.

    I definately be getting one.
  19. Recieved my hydration packs yesterday, not too shabby, quite pleased :D