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[VIC] '07 CBR1000RR parts for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Miss_dj, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have the following items for sale:

    - Brand new Black/Silver tank shell (aftermarket)
    $400 ono

    - Brand new Leather (genuine Honda) seat cowl
    $150 ono

    - Full set of (genuine Honda) Rearsets, pillion pegs, clutch & brake levers, oil, brake filter caps etc & tinted rear indicators
    $name your price for the lot$

    See pics below :)





    Cheers :)
  2. ok, what have you done to your bike... :?

  3. geez you've been out of the loop.. this is old news
  4. Must have done something wrong in a past life :(
    Was hit by another car a couple of months ago! Idiot wanted to turn left from the right hand lane and took me out :(

    I'm a cager now until I'm fully recovered.. Hydro and physio 3 times a week but slowly getting there :)
  5. had another babylol she's 6 weeks yesterday, so haven't been doing to much for last few months. Jamie, mate, get better. I think that idea i tossed around last time of everyone pitching in to buy you an airbag jacket needs to be dug back out.
  6. I assume the cs arms still work?
  7. Yep... All the parts were taken off the bike to put aftermarket rearsets, levers etc on... All in perfect order...

    Congratulations dude!!!
    So is that 2 now? :)
  8. yep. outnumbered! 3 v 1 now.

    i'll pm you a pic later.

  9. I meant your gaming arms
  10. Jamie
    Sorry to hear what happened. Hope you get better and see you out there soon. May be all the bad luck is behind you. Keep in touch.
  11. hey,

    Rear pillion pegs?? + postage to Sydney??

  12. Prices are definitely negotiable if anyone's interested?

  13. Hi All,

    All still for sale apart from the leather seat cowl.
    Am happy to negotiate ANY offer!

    Just want to get rid of the stuff!

    Jamie-lee :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.