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Vibration (possibly bent forks)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cain, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all.
    not sure if i was jinxed by just about everyone that knows i have a bike saying im gunna come off sooner or later, or it was just bad luck but nonetheless ive now broke my unblemished record of having had no accidents :(

    long story short, animal on the road near a fairly sharp bend almost sent me over a cliff (literally within about 1 metre from it). despite my unhappiness of a bruised and battered leg, my main concern is in getting my bike back into shape....... (2000 GSX-R750)

    cut to the point, i havent had time to look at it in the daylight yet... i dont really want to either :cry: (it happened tonight, as u can see my anxiousness to find a solution). when i finally managed to pick it up and start riding it again, i felt a very noticable vibration in the handlebars up around the 80km/h mark onwards...... im no expert on motorcycles but my guess is bent forks as i hit a small embankment on my travels off road.

    any suggestions on what it may be, things to look for, and if so where to get it fixed and how much????? (i live in western sydney / penrith)

    other than the appearance and the vibration, the bike seems to be fine...

    ANY help or suggestions at all would be MUCH appreciated. thanks in advance

  2. Ive heard that loosening off the fork clamps (whatever they are called) can sometines allow them to spring back into place after they have been twisted.

    Check if a wheel is buckled.
  3. Hi Cain

    Penrith got some big bike shops, take your bike to one of the dealers for an inspection. Ask for an insurance quote, they will do a detailed quote and tell you what parts you need.

    If you are handy you can fix it up yourself when you can get the parts.

    I got great service from the wreckers out there on Coreen Ave (Penrith M/C Wreckers) - ask for Brian (the mechanic) - they also do bike servicing and repairs.
  4. bent/buckled rim
  5. A bent folk wouldn't cause a vibration unless it was bending and unbending as you ride.

    As suggested, a bend rim or loose clamps are more likely. Also look at:
    Bent brake rotor
    lost wheel weight.
    Dent or chip out of the rim
    Chunk out of or flat spot on the tyre.
  6. +1 for rim
  7. thanks very much for everyone that commented on the possible problems, much appreciated.

    i had a long look over it just then. i found that that forks seemed to be straight (to the naked eye anyway), the tire seems to be in good condition (no missing chunks) and the weight is still intact....HOWEVER i did manage to find a slight dent in the outer edge of the rim..... its only small, BUT it is definatley noticable... im estimating its about 20mm in length and about 3-5mm in height (the dent that is :) ) the question is, would this be sufficient enough to cause considerable vibration in the handlebars at speed above 80km/h ??

    if so could anyone recommend what i should do... as in is it repairable or i need a new rim..... if anyone knows a rough price on both of those would be great..... i know i should be asking these sort of questions to a bike shop, but i cant make it to any of them until the end of the week.....

  8. Yes, that's enough to cause vibration.

    If it's not structural then it may be just a matter of a re-balance of the wheel/tyre. In which case you'd need to take it to a bike shop anyway.

    If it's more serious then solutions range from welding it up, finishing it off, painting and rebalancing through to replacing the rim.

    Keep in mind a blow big enough to cause a dent may also be big enough to warp the wheel, so it may be unrepairable.