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Vibration and Noise after Service and New Tyres

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Sitting Bull, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. I treated my GS to a 12K service+carb tune and a new set of Michelin Pilot Activs a couple of days ago. I've since noticed that there is a vibration through the bike and bars plus a whining noise when slowing at about between 40 and 20kms. It feels and sounds like my tyres turn into knobbies, particularly on a smooth surface. The noise sometimes goes in and out if I swerve the bike at the particular speed, only being apparent when the bike is vertical. I rang the dealer and they said the tyres need to be broken in and if it hasn't cleared up within a week to bring the bike back to have the tyres re-balanced. Is it normal for new tyres to behave in this manner?
    Any input much appreciated.
    On a side note the bike otherwise now feels and performs fantastic, it's like riding a new bike.

  2. Is it normal? It might be for those tires but it sounds odd to me. The dealer has offered to check and rebalance if it doesn't go away, so that's reasonable. Make sure the tire pressures aren't ridiculously high or anything silly, just to be sure.
  3. Thanks DA, I checked the pressures. The front had 28 and the back was 32. I put 34f and 36b in them.
    Could it be anything else other than the tyres, it feels very odd.
  4. Well ... it "could" also be wheel bearings, but the tires are where I'd start looking. If you prop the bike up with the front off the ground does is spin cleanly with no tight spots or noises? If you give the wheel a spin, mark a spot with a piece of chalk where it lines up with something like a fork seal, the very bottom/top etc and then spin it again a couple of times. Does it stop in the same place every time? If you rotate the wheel (still in the air), stop it still and let it go, does it start to turn by itself? Try rotating it to a few other positions and check again.
  5. The front wheel doesn't run freely, it sounds like the brake pads are rubbing on the disk. The bearings look to have been freshly packed with grease as well.
  6. Tyres dark angel not tires. As for the vibration it seems like a bad wheel balance. Also it seems like the brake pads were not seated properly after the wheel was placed back.
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  7. Don't even wait the week mate. Take them back when ya can, they are out of balance. Tyres don't really have a "break in" period, well not for noise anyway.
  8. No worries, I'll get it back there asap, a 150km return trip worse luck. I have a feelin there's gonna be more to this than a wheel balance unfortunately. The mechanic looked a bit sheepy when he mentioned that he had a lot of trouble getting a tyre off.
  9. I'm too accustomed to talking to yanks, apparently.
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  10. Huh? As in, he struggles getting your tyre off the rim?? Or removing the wheel from you bike??. I've had occasions where wheel will balance up, a day later a car will return complaining of vibration and stuff, you balance them again and sure enough they are out. Not much you can really do when relying on a machine ey. But, I would be more concerned as to why your mate looked so sheepish when talking about your tyre...
  11. Is it normal?

    --> NO
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  12. Getting the tyre off the rim was a problem apparently and I am concerned about the character of my so called mate and my tyres. Both wheels seem to have a lot of lead on them, compared to what I'm used to seeing on a car tyre anyway. I have no experience with motorcycle tyres but I'm learning:riding:
  13. The tyres will have a wear indicator in the tread pattern....

    On the side wall there will be an arrow or maker which coincides with the indicator in the tread. If the tread depth is close to the surface of the wear indicator the tyres are done.....if not - smash them some more....

    Nice and simple.....
  14. They are new... He just had then fitted up.
  15. Referring to the replaced tyres......

    He questioned his "mates" assessment.......just giving him the info he needs so he can read his own tyre wear/usage.....
  16. I see where you are coming from. The replaced tyres were well and truely done.
  17. have a look at your chain as well and check the tightness and alignment marks.
    sounds like they've stuffed the balance though. never had to break in tyres myself.
  18. Chain looks OK, and alignment.
    I'm taking back later this afternoon but I can already see that It's going to be a drama. Talking to one of the mechanics he reckons it wouldn't be the balance unless a weight has come off and they balance them to zero. He reckons they will take it for a spin and see if they can notice anything. The bike is definitely not right so it will be interesting.
  19. Just cause the weight is still attached Dosent mean its balanced. Could be on the wrong spot or wrong weight.

    Only thing else is it could be possible brake shudder? Any chance they could of damaged the rotor taking the wheel off? Also, is the vibration constant pr only when braking?. Maybe a faulty tyre... Doubt that tho.

    Don't let them charge you for anything either, it all should be free due to unsatisfactory repairs.
  20. The vibration will come in without using the brakes, you can feel it through the brakes though if you brake while the vibration is there. I've checked for engine vibration, just slow to 40kms on a nice straight smooth patch of road, pull the clutch and let her slow down, the vibration comes in worse around 30kms down to around 20kms, even with the engine at idle.