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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. wouldn't mind getting a VTR because brand new, good engines (up to a hunred anyway) but want a bike with decent power like a VFR but not a 500+cc bike.

    so was wondering how fast are they? are they similar to a CBR to take a little while to get going, how comfortable are they etc. anything would help

  2. If you want to do lazy track days a VFR isn't a bad option. I see 250+ down the main straight at Phillip Island before I turn girly and go for the brakes into turn one.

    If you want faster and sharper then look to a blade or similar, they're more at home in that environment anyway.

    Define "take a little while to get going". They aren't a diesel truck, they have good accelaration for my money. As a road bike you will be very, very pushed to find much better as an all-rounder. They're a good bike.
  3. cheers, a little while to get going as is CBRs need to get into high revs before they start to go fast compaired to a twin cylinder which is good in low to med revs but a CBR would overtake in high revs...
  4. Ah, bit of a mixed bag given that it is a V-4 (750ish to 781 over the model range). It has some traits of each. I find it has good torque (pull) from down low (say 4-5 thou onwards when giving it some, but getting fun from 5-6) and a good top end rush but not as pronounced as each type (V-2 Vs IL4) has in comparison in isolation. Am I making sense?
  5. yeah, your making sence. so again it has good speed in low to high revs and all. decisions, decisions, decisions - can't make up my mind :roll:
  6. Like Deyago says, the mighty V4 pulls like a twin down low, yet still has a pretty decent inline 4 type top end. Brilliant in the tight stuff. You can grunt it around below about 6000rpms in the tight stuff & don't have to worry about shuffling through the gearbox, -just roll on & off the gas. When the road opens up a bit then let her rip, Listen to the V4 start to howl like a stinking hot small block V8 as you get up around 10-11,000rpm. Aaaah. Music to my ears. And before anyone tells you how boring the power delivery is -no "hit" or steps anywhere, I can personally tell you it's perfect for spinning up the rear as you come out of the real tight corners on a mission :LOL: :LOL: Nice progressive controllable power.
  7. thanks roarin thats pretty much enough to convince anyone to buy a vfr. thanks
  8. A mate of mine had a vfr, it was a great bike. He sold it before i got my licence. I would have snapped it up had i had my licence at the time..
  9. I just wanted to hijack this thread.

    I'm looking at sports tourer next year as my first bike off restrictions.

    I will mostly be touring on holidays and weekend trips through the twisties. No commuting.

    I was wondering if a VFR 750 would be good for this purpose. My budget is around $8000 and i can see some good ones on bikesales/bikepoint below that which is good.

    So are they a comfy ride on long distances? I can see from previous reports that they are handy through the corners.

  10. The VFR is a very good bike but the later 800 has silly variable cam timing which adds complexity and servicing costs and makes the bike _worse_ to ride than earlier ones.

    Another good bike of similar type you might consider is a Trimph Sprint ST, bit more power through the mid range than a VFR and similar top end power and there are a fair number available out there with hard luggage.

    Better looking bike than the later VFR's too (the early VFR's were much more cleanly styled!)
  11. Oh yes they are good for that... 5 days riding all over the place coming down from Brisbane to Melbourne all up 3500km

    Did some thing similar on an old kwaker GT550 :( after 4 days I was very very tired and sore... While on the VFR... I was had energy left to go out that nite to a party...
  12. Thats what i wanted to hear. Sounds good.

    I'm looking at spending a week riding through Taz next Jan, and then probably going to Adelaide via coast and then follow the river and head back south to Melbourne. So something comfy is what i wanted, didn't want to be all crouched up.

  13. En, what do you actually want to use the bike for? Around town and on the open roads none of these bikes are slow or particularly lazy at any part of the rev range.
    The latest pure sports bikes pretty much do it all but you will be making some sacrifices in terms of comfortable riding position, pillion comfort, insurance and running costs.
    Start with REALISTICALLY defining where you will be spending most of your riding time (eg. 50% commuting, 10% track, 40% touring etc) and find the bike that gives you the best coverage. eg a sports/tourer like a VTR or VFR would be better in this case than a R1.
  14. Very comfy to ride. I have done 1100kms in a day of twisties & was only tired, not sore. Many times I have done round 750-800kms in a single day & done it again the next day :D :D
  15. Cool. Was this on the 750 or the 800? Are the riding positions the same.

    Another thing, how big are you? I'm 6 foot and 100kg, will it be a good sized bike? When i'm finished with my exams i'll probably head down Elizabeth street and check a couple out.

    I was looking at the SV650, and ZZR600. But if i'm going to be touring i'd like the full fairing. And i think the bikini fairing on the SV650S looks crap, the naked version however i think rocks.

    But all this is contigent on someone buying my car.

    process(pimp mode)
    <<"Who wants a piece of my sexy car. Buy it now for a bargain. ";
    >> Sexy car add. No one can resist"!";

    end process;
  16. That would be on the 750 -the testarossa one ('95-'97), the pick of the range. Has the full frame down to the swingarm, not like the 800 & VTR where the swingarm pivots off the back of the engine to give what Honda calls "controlled flex" :roll: Oh, & I'm about 90 odd kilos & 5'9" (I think -haven't weighed myself in about 10 years :D )