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VFR800 Vtec?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I think i have decided to buy a VFR 800. Looking for the sweet spot with power, handling, touring, comfort and reliability.

    I read that the first of the vtec series had an issue where the 4 vlave kicks in with a wallop, which i am not keen on. Can the ECU be remapped to fix this like in later models? Apparently they kick it in at higher revs and drop it off at lower to make it a lot smoother.

    Or are you stuck with whatever issues it came with originally in regards to vtec?

  2. I believe they did changes around the Vtec 02 onwards.

    What year were you looking at? I have an 06/07 and no issues here. Yes I do notice when the extra valves open, however, I've never felt threatened by it even at an aggressive tilt.
  3. I will be looking at 02ish or whatever i can get for 5k or so. I havent experienced it and but then again i have ridden a vfr yet, planning test rides this weekend if all goes well.

    Do you feel that the bike is heavy...i read alot about it, but they dont look too heavy. COuld you compare to vtr1000 if you have ridden one by any chance?
  4. Just buy a pre-VTEC model, there's plenty of them around at good prices

    Honestly, after getting off the super-light 600 Hornet I don't discern ANY weight issues on the '95 VFR-750

    and the V4/Staintune howl compensates for anything else :LOL:
  5. Yeah but i have a thing for that under the seat exhaust :) My understand is thats 02+ (VTEC) only?
  6. Get a Shiver instead........ But hey I'm biased
  7. No, it was revised for the 2006-onwards model.

    "Honda lowered the VTEC activation rpm threshold to 6,400 rpm in 2006. The VTEC disengages two cylinder valves when the engine speed drops again below 6,100 rpm." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_VFR800

    Personally, I don't find the VTEC abrupt at all but then I went from a Hayabusa to the VFR, so...

    Anyway, I sort of agree with what Hornet said; the pre-VTEC models are incredible bikes, with only a few minor (but common) issues that you would need to look out for.

    I have a 2009 VFR and I love it but, really, the VTEC was an unnecessary addition. Honda should have just made it a 1000cc V4, FFS.

    I ought to add that the Gen 6 VFR (2002-present) is very happy being ridden at below-VTEC rpm. I ride almost exclusively at around 5000rpm.
  8. what is standard vfr750 fuel efficiency?
    sorry for OT.
  9. Thats good to know, i wont be riding it on the redline all day :)

    Are the pre vtec ones good then too? PLenty of cheaper 99 models around, i was worried they were getting a bit old now?
  10. You'll find that most of the pre-VTEC models are fairly high in mileage but don't let that put you off. - 80,000km is nothing on those bikes. The engines last forever and those gear driven cams never wear out.

    You might want to get the valve clearances checked and make sure that the reg-rec fix has been done but other than that, they're probably the best all-around bike ever built.

    I would have no hesitation in buying a Gen 5 VFR. They are usually well maintained and still have many tens of thousands of km's of riding left in them.

    Head over to vfrworld.com and you'll find reams of information on the subject.
  11. http://www.mctrader.com.au/news-and-reviews/article/articleid/76796.aspx

    I remember seeing this article a while back. A must read for you I would think :cool:
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  14. Get the best of both worlds and build a custom under tail exhaust on the 5th Gen.

    This is a project I’m in the process of doing myself,

    I to loved the visual aesthetics of the 6th Gen under tail exhaust but fell in love with the sound and “gear whine” of the 5th gen. I also found the 5th gen riding position a little more comfortable (for me anyway) than the 6th gen, I found the 6th gen riding position to be a little more sports bike style laying over the bars more which for me was an issue.

    I was 15 years off a bike and spent a lot of time trying to find the right bike for me that would do everything I wanted and ease me back into riding at the same time.

    Now after owning a VFR800 I cannot recommend it highly enough, regardless whether you buy a 5th or 6th gen I don’t think you will ever regret it.

    Cheers Daniel
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  15. I've gone from my LAMs bike (VTR250) to a VFR800 2001/02 model and I also had the concerns about VTEC kicking in unexpectedly whilst mid-corner or what-not, and shyed away from the later models in favour of an older style VFR.
    Found some older good ones in good nick with <60,000kms on them but in the end I opted to go for my one which does have VTEC.

    My 2cents:
    Honestly, VTEC is no big deal. Do not let that scare you away from considering the VFR800 as a bike for you.
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  16. VFR750 has a 21 litre tank and I start looking for a servo at around 350kms. I have stretched it to 411 and there was still fuel left. Sorry if I can't tell you what that translates to in km/l, I'm still a miles per gallon man.
    Re: the VTEC. As someone has already noted, the addition of VTEC to the VFR was totally and in every other way unnecessary. It answered a question that nobody asked.
    Having said that, the VTEC models do have a better suspension and better brakes, but it's not without co-incidence that the VFR cognoscenti call them the "Origami". The styling is definitely an acquired taste.
  17. picard1.
  18. What's the matter, mate, did I make it too complicated for you? OK, let me dumb it down then so that you can understand. Knowing how much fuel is in the tank and knowing when I like to fill up does NOT tell you overall fuel consumption unless a) You run the tank to empty (which I didn't say I do) or b) You know how many litres are need to fill the tank to full again (which I also did not say).
    Oh, and, in future, a bit of thought before you flash off the wise-arse reply can go a long way towards stopping you looking like a knob.
  19. 411km with <21L is somewhere a little less than 5.1L/100km.

    Which is pretty good.
  20. I've got a '98 & love it. As someone stated already, they tweaked the V-Tec from '06. I think you will find them both to be a good buy. I will keep an eye out for another VFR on the Peninsula :)