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VFR800 (VTEC, 2007) 6k service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Hyssy, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, had my viffer in for its 6000k service last week and was a bit surprised that they changed the clutch fluid and the brake fluid (well the invoice states [IR/II] BRAKES/FLUID but the guy in the garage told me he had changed both the fluids.)

    Now that surprised me a bit, but unfortunately I've been too pressed for time to look in to it. Does it seem strange to anyone that after only this short amount of time, that those 2 particular fluids would need changing? I remember my CBR600F had its first brake fluid change and pad change at just over 18,000ks.

    Thoughts appreciated as I'm not massively of the technical persuasion... :)
  2. How many months has the bike been in service? Fluids are changed on a mileage or time in service basis, whichever occurs first.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Bike was bought in November '07.

    Clutch fluid I can understand a change, but it's anything brake related that unnerves me.
  4. It certainly can't hurt.

    Brake/clutch fluid is very easy to do yourself, and a whole bottle costs only $15.
  5. I changed my brake fluid a little while ago, wasnt sure if it was ever done before ( bike has 32000km on the clock now )
    Havent noticed any difference, except it looks alot cleaner inside the master cyl.
  6. Thanks for the answers.

    I guess I was just surprised that they replaced it at only 6000ks. As the level goes down with pad wear, I didn't think it would have gone down enough to warrent a refill. And if it had, then surely the pads would need a look at?

    The brakes did feel very 'new' on the way home but on my invoice there is only an unnamed 'liquid' charge of about $14 and no mention of pads.
  7. Consider yourself lucky that you have found a good mechanic. Many mechanics will not do things like that without being asked, that is, think for themselves and do routine servicing on an hydraulic system.
    Really, you can't be too upset about this, they probably noticed a spongy lever or pedal, decided to bleed the systems. Good on them, and lucky you I say.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Aye I was just wondering more than anything really. The garage I take it to is also the dealer I bought it from, the service quality is why I go back so after taking this into consideration, I'll just keep bloody going back then :p

    Thanks again guys.