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VFR800 to... Blackbird?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Hyssy, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Times coming around to renew my insurance on the Viffer. So I'm browsing insuremyride, while I watch the presidential debates and throw around a few different model bikes to get me an idea on where I am with insurance.

    So it turns out that, according to the site quote, it's cheaper for me to get an 04 Blackbird than to insure my 07 VFR. Now, I'm 25 and the HP output of the VFR is a good 50 or so less than a Blackbird. I know it's an older model CBR but... wow :shock:

    This is.... worth looking in to...

    (Not that I have any complaints against my VFR....).
  2. no don't do it, unless you want to ride down straight freeway/hwys.....the blackbird is a pig !!!!
  3. An aftermarket exhaust should reinforce your loyalty to the v4 :p If you have an aftermarket exhaust and would consider going to an i4 then you're just weird! :LOL:

    Depends on your usage, if you don't do long ride days as a common thing, probably not worth the change - because the viffer will be superior around town. Personally I wouldn't buy a blackbird for day to day, far too big to be easily thrown around. In the same way I wouldn't want to commute on my big bike, SV is alot 'easier' around town.
  4. Veefer costs more to insure because every time one falls over it breaks the dilithium crystals in the flux capacitor. Honda have strapped so much expensive and unwanted tezznology to that warship of a thing that it's almost not classified as a bike anymore.
  5. you always bag VFRs loz
    haven't you read? , theyre not meant to be an RR
    maybe hot shot niinja riders don't, but i wanted vtec and linked brakes

    and hyssy..i'm sure an 04 bird would be alot cheaper to buy than an 07 VFR hence the price difference in insurance
  6. Don't mind Loz, he is just pissed they stopped making the vfr750 :p
  7. ha!...nah all's good...i like loz's inputs on this forum and yours to phiz...but i have to question when someone refers to the 6th. gen VFR as "almost not a bike"...but now i understand where he's coming from...i see alot of inferiority complexes on vfr discussion all the time from 4th and 5th gen. VFR riders...saying theirs is better this better that blah blah...
    it's a bit like the sydney melb. thingy
  8. Yeah I was just teasing :grin:

    On the basis of technology = no longer a 'bike', I guess the cbr1000rr must be a scooter given the mind blowing amount of technology put into creating such a bike, even down to crazy technology to control chain slack when you roll off to minimise the abruptness, etc.
  9. Heh thanks for the answers.

    I was chatting to my dad about it too, he has an 03 Blackbird. Decided to stick with the viffer and spent 2 hours giving her a loving clean <3

    The only thing keeping me back from aftermarket exhausts is the heatshields. I carry my gf around on it as I don't have a car (much to her delight I'm sure she'll tell you...) and aftermarkets don't seem to come with heatshields. I'm a bit concerned about her hands.

    Or have they taken the position of the underseats into account when designing Staintunes or Yoshis and built in thicker material or... something?

    And a pic for the sake of it :p

  10. Love the look :)

    When it comes down to it you need to think whats more important, the exhaust note or the girl.

    She'll understand! :LOL:
  11. Hmmm....

    ... pricecheck 2*Staintunes please!

  12. What a crock of shit Stewy :?

    Blackbirds handle fine and are more than capable in the right hands...just like the VFR is but neither bike is a true sports bike....


    I had one and loved it...not as comfortable as the VFR mind you, and you are aware it's a heavy bike when your hustling it along but a great bike all the same...
  13. And they were never marketed as such. These bikes are sports tourers.
  14. I guess my main point when starting the thread was that the Blackbird is so much more powerful than my VFR that even on a model a few years earlier, the insurance is so much cheaper.

    Maybe as I turned 25 and the premiums drop but, that's over $1000 cheaper than my insurance last year.

    Still, I guess the Blackbird will join the garage in a few years alongside the viffer.

    So seriously, what would I be looking at for aftermarket exhausts? :grin:
  15. Now THAT was a bike!
  16. The B'bird is a good bike, particularly if you're into long distance touring or riding. If your bent is say, the 'spur on the weekend, then there are more appropriate bikes for that sort of thing.

    I'm getting on a bit now and the 'bird is starting to look less appealing to me. Recently a few of the lads have migrated from sports bikes to sports tourers and nakeds. One mate got himself a Moto Morini V twin 1200 naked. Nice bike, sounds means as cat's youknowwhatsits and goes well, too. Another guy got a Trumpy Tiger, another a Super Duke. Yet another, an SV1000. I might have to go with the flow and look at something as well. I'd love a V twin, but not sure which path to go down.
  17. I'm not sure, its a shame the stock muffler looks so good. I'd go for one of the 4 into 1 into 4 systems, they look real nice.