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VFR800 snatchy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bugjuice88, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Ok so after my recent investigations to look at getting another bike I went and took a new VFR800 for a test ride. Everything was pretty standard, controls all where they should be, fairly easy bike to just get on and ride.

    However, I did notice when rolling off and on throttle it seemed to be real snatchy/jerky. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it something that gets better as the bike gets a few ks on it? Or is it to do with the fuel injection? Can it be rectified by a dyno tune (with obligatory staintune pipes), or should I just learn how to ride?
  2. Nah mate it's not you. Mine was very snatchy when stock.
    It was much nicer when I fitted the Leo's. And better again when I fitted the PC3. Better free flowing pipes will make it a bit richer below a qtr throttle which helps. Fitting the pipes made the big difference, so much smoother. It was a real pain on long roundabouts. Specially as you cant trail the rear with them so it's all throttle input.
    They are tuned very lean when std to pass emissions I think.
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  3. Ok so its just a fuel mapping thing.

    Did you much of a difference in power and fuel economy after getting different pipes and power commander?
  4. Hey mate did you end up getting the VFR?

    I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and have been doing some research. Google a mod called "flapper valve mod." If you look at the air box under the tank there's 2 inlets for air to pass through and one of them has a flapper valve which stays closed until the engine reaches a certain RPM. You can pull out the vacuum line and tape up the holes so nothing goes through it.

    After doing this, I've found the bike lounder and easier to ride on low revs as the throttle is a lot less snatchy.

    There's also a snorkel on the RHS inlet which you can rip off for better air flow.
  5. I too find mine quite snatchy in low RPM's, especially in first gear.