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VFR800 Revived With China Fairings and Discs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DragonCypher, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. As much as I love Honda's styling ideas I always thought the Viffer needed some more colour.
    Painting the original fairings would have been quite expensive, allowing no room for error and leaving me without any spare panels should the worst happen.

    For the price of 1 Honda side panel.. I picked up a pre-painted and stickered full set of ABS plastics from china. Rather than eBay I found them to be cheaper on DHGate.com, which is a very similar website to ebay but featuring only chinese businesses and mostly bulk/wholesale items.

    Paid about $340 AUD including delivery, 4 weeks to get here from China.

    Panels were packed very securely and wrapped in many layers of foam, with a wooden frame around the box to prevent it from being crushed.. zero shipping damage resulted.
    Paint is excellent albeit a tiny bit purple in comparison to Honda's factory blue, but this could also be due to 12 years of weathering.. so can't complain
    The shape of each panel is spot on, almost exact replica of the originals.. only problem is there was no touch up AFTER painting so every hole was a bit clogged with paint.
    A quick cleanout with just a flathead screwdriver was enough, then transferring the rubber/brass threaded inserts from the old panels to new and reassembled.

    It took me about 4 hours total to do the rear panel around the seat, and both main side fairings + the separator behind the front wheel, and the front fender. Not much worse than refitting the originals
    I have not attempted to do the front headlight/windscreen cowl yet as that requires much more disassembly and I'd like to have at least a few days of spare time before attempting that as I suspect it will be much more difficult.

    Now I have more incentive to keep it clean too.

    Also shown here is a new set of front brake discs, as the previous ones were just on their service limit after 12 years I figured I should add some newies.
    I am the kind of person who relies mostly on my engine for braking and so the brakes themselves will very rarely take a beating, and even a mild one at that. Thus the decision to get cheap ones was made easy.
    After receiving them, comparing to the originals the build quality is rather impressive and then testing them out on the street I've gotta say they work SO much better than before. Only 1 finger on the brake lever and it still feels like I'm about to lose the rear off the ground (almost.. but not quite).

    Plus being stainless steel their tolerance for heat is amazing, as during the first few days with oversized pads the brakes were dragging a little and heating up a fair bit. The rear (standard cast iron) disc turned purple after the first heavy test ride while the fronts never broke a sweat. Despite melting the tip of my glove when i tested to see if they actually were as hot as the rear... 8-[

    Looks fantastic too (y)

    If I get around to it later I might write up a little about the blueish headlight shown here :angel:
    Which may or may not be an 8000k 35w Xenon HID with angle adjustment via a solenoid for high/low beam

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  2. Umm, granted I don't know a great deal about metallurgy, but I doubt your brakes are cast iron at all.
  3. mmmm nice man I like the colour good work "
  4. Oops my bad, I bagged to look of the nose..

    Just realised thats a year 2000 model, so its the original front..

    Fairings look pretty nice..