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vfr800? opnions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by slowandsteady, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Have been keen to get a 1100 Blackbird but have really fallen in love with the VFR.
    I can't seem to justify the need for a litre plus tourer and the VFR appeals very much.
    I know Honda have done a bit of work on the V-tec in the '06 model to lower the rpm that the 2nd set of valves come in so that the torque curve is a bit smoother but would love to hear from any owners to get their opinion.... constant reports on the heat issue with the Sprint ST has had me veer away from them a bit......

  2. I was considering one but due to a lack of test ride availability gave up!
    Honda contacted me and all. saying they would get the marketing manager to line something up... Never happened.

    When I sat on one, I felt it wasn't as comfy as I had hoped especially compared to the other bikes on my list.
    I know that a proper ride would be more telling but anyway.

    For a similar "new" price, check out the BMW F800ST.
    you might just find it has more going for it and is maybe more fun to ride.
  3. I rode one on saturday as I was considering trading the z1000

    position ok, comfy
    really noticed the lack of power compared to the zed
    sounds like a lawnmower
    very predictable and stable
    the front seemed to *tuck in* going around corners
    it's a very solid dependable bike

    It did nothing for me
    I can see why people would want one, but to me it was boring.
  4. this one?
  5. They look better in black :)

    and the VTEC is just weird... made a lot of noise, cut in suddenly, I suppose you'd get used to it though.
  6. Looking at the new ('06/07) model. Apparently they've done a lot to smooth out the power delivery. I guess I should hunt down a demo and try it out just in case I'm setting myself up for a MAJOR Dissapointment. Seen the '06 with a pair of Leo Vince slip ons and it looked and sounded great.......
  7. The one I rode was the new demo with 24km on it :)

    The vtec seemed to make more noise than anything..

    To be honest if you're used to a bike with more power, it's a bit of a dissapointment, I've ridden an er6, and it felt just like a bigger version of that.
    In saying that I'd prob still buy one, but as a 2nd touring bike, it seems to be lacking the *grin* factor, but with pipes they do sound awesome :)
  8. thanks for the feedback all!
    Had a sit on one today and found it super comfy - something to do with my short legs!! Definately more tourer than sports in the "sports tourer" department but that's what I'm after.
    Not chasing top speed but good usable power with enough guts to have some fun. (old age - my boy racer days are over)
    Now just need to find one to take for a test ride.......
  9. VFR's actually rock

    I bought a new VFR late last year (2007 model). Ive done about 6k on it now and it's really starting to wear in well. I've found the bike to be comfortable and quite quick. If 260 kph is not fast enough for a road bike then you're a wanker.

    As for down on power, I fitted a K&N filter and a 3/4 set of microns. The power difference is amazing. You notice the VTEC now. Now instead of just making more noise it really does work.

    Comparing it to a blackbird is not fair. The VFR will actually go around corners without scraping faring, exhaust and stand.

    Don't buy a BMW 800. They are an over priced piece of crap. One thing BMW wont tell you is that they vibrate like hell at any speed (over 80k's) and the number of teething problems. I know a bike shop that actually sent one back saying that it vibrated to much. BMW said that's how they are. Sorry Bogus 69.

    I currently only own one bike, the VFR. It does everything well and has fantastic suspension. If you can only afford one bike, you have to go a long way to beat the Veefer.

    Let us know how you go.
  10. The VFR is renowned as a quality bike which would lead its class if not for some annoying issues:

    1) VTEC. Nuff said.
    2) Linked brake system, which applies the back brake slightly when the front brake is used, and vice versa. Experienced riders don't tend to like this sort of babying, it takes control away from the rider and roots your stoppies up.
    3) The Triumph Sprint ST is cheaper, faster, has a bigger, stronger and better 3cyl engine and lacks the previous 2 silly issues. It also doesn't look like it's trying to be a space ship.

    I didn't particularly like the riding position, but maybe I'm weird. Test ride the Sprint if you can. It's part of the new generation of Triumphs which are transforming the company's reputation from pedestrian to exemplary.
  11. Re: VFR's actually rock

    That's OK mate, I don't agree with you so no problem :)
  12. got an '01 Viffer - Love it !!! - but that's just me.
  13. The poor bloody Veefer

    Linked brakes may not be liked by 'experienced' riders but in the real world they are great. They are controlled by a computer which responds to such things as speed etc so when you apply the hand lever at slow speeds the back brake works more so you dont fall over. Then at high speeds the front has more bias etc. I didn't like them when I first got the bike but love them now. The only place they would be absolute crap is on the race track where you need invidual control of the levers.

    Also the linked brakes reduce front end dive which I reckon is great. A couple of quick stops to avoid a wandering dog and a car pulling out on you make them seem awesome.

    People who buy VFR's therefore are after a bike that works in the real world. How many people out there ride on a track every weekend??

    Although the triumph sprint St may be cheaper and faster it still must get it's suspension technology from Harley Davidson. The two I've ridden had shocking front ends.

    Each to their own I reckon. Sorry If I offended anyone (especially bogus69).

  14. Re: The poor bloody Veefer

    Is that true? I thought they were linked lines such that the front brake lever operates the three pistons on the front brakes and the middle piston on the rear brake.

    Either way, it'll bugger a man's stoppies.
  15. All depends on what you're looking for really. If you want something that does pretty much everything well but nothing exceptionally well then they're pretty hard to beat.
    As someone said "how much faster than 260km/hr do you need to go?" I suppose I'm a bit biased -owning the last 750 version without VTEC & linked brakes but I still can't figure out how people say they're boring. Doesn't that come about due to the way you ride a bike -not the bike itself? I seem to have a heap of fun on mine chasing down the latest 600 RRRR bikes when the mood strikes :) Sure it won't pull power mono's at 120km/hr but if you're looking for that then why look at a VFR?
  16. did I mention that my new 06 viffer is waiting to be picked up? (bloody client decided to send a cheque instead of usual eft so now I have to wait more aAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!)

    Will post first impressions when I finally pick it up.............

    ..........can't stand the waiting!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Loz,

    The set up is as you described however they do actually have a computer controlled bias mechanism. I actually emailed Honda (Mick Smith [msmith@hondampe.com.au]) with some questions related to the brakes when I first bought the bike and that info is directly from them. A manufacturer who actually answers your questions?? I was surprised too.

    And yes unfortunately it makes stopies a little difficult.

    Have to agree with roarin. And at the end of a 6 hour ride you can still walk. Hard to beat.