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vfr800 head swap - is it possible?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by notorious_nick, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. hi guys, this is possibly a very stupid question.

    i have however done bits and pieces of research into the vfr800's and it seems that the goodies are on the v - tech bike such as the 12 hole injectors (vs single hole on the 2001 bike), stiffer frame, stiffer swingarm and whatever else i havent yet heard about, but i dont like the sounds of the whole vtec thing.

    my point is can a head swap be done? ie - take a 1998-2001 (non vtec) engine head with gear driven cams and bolt it straight onto a vtec engine block (2002 -) with little modifications.
    are the engine blocks consistent between the two models or was it modified enough in 2002 to stop this from happening?
    im guessing there may be problems with the cam drive being inconsistent too.

    im just curious if anyone knows enough about these bikes because im thinking of buying one and am not sure which one to buy, due to liking different features of the different bikes.
  2. I'm thinking the ignition/electrical system would need to be replaced as well.
    You can't change valve timing without also having some way of changing the ignition timing to match.
  3. They are the same series engine, RC46 for both. Whilst I can't guarantee anything they should bolt on perfectly.

    Going from gear drive to chain drive is a bit of an issue, so you'd probably have to use the cam gears from the vtec model on the camshafts of the 5th gen model.

    If the injectors are different in their flow, it will obviously need remapping (using the computer from the bike the injectors were from may work, unless they've been mapped specifically for the vtec effect and not just the different injectors.. which is likely)

    Why do you wish to try this exactly?
  4. because i have many dreams about these bikes, many of them wet ones. they tickle my fancy and i intend to make a project bike.

    the r1 forks mod with sp2 triple clamps seems like it would be easy enough to do, provided enough hours were put in.

    it sounds like it could possibly be easier replacing the engine. hmm. that sounds like it could be disasterous in itself. arent dreams terrible things!
  5. No. Only expensive ;).
  6. Have you ridden either ??? Sorry not meaning to sound like a dick.
    Yup the pre 02 ones have a great sound. But nothing on the 02's for handling or fun. They are a bit sportier.
    And then you jump on an 06 and it's different again. Much nicer.
    I did not really like my 06. Mainly the linked brakes. I've had it since Novermber last year and today was the first big hard ride on it. (I have a few bikes) I was out with a few big bang R1's, a ZX1400 and a CB900. And the little Viffer held it's head high. They creamed me a bit on the straits. I had to constantly bang it down a few cogs to keep them in sight. but as soon as the twisties came up, the little viffer was all over them again. Specially on the crappy bumpy bits. I was watching them patter across the bumps where mine just rode strait over them, never even shaking it's head.
    The front end is fine for the bike. Toss the Std springs at the dog and get some decent ones more suited to your and the bikes weight.
    The rear shock is totally useless. Get rid of it before anything. In only weigh 75kg and I have the preload on the rear on as far as it can go and I am still riding more rear tyre than the front.
    As I stated we were riding at entertaining speeds and the other bikes had to refuel twice. Not the viffer. I had three bars left and 280km showing on the odo.
    For mine get an 06. A set of Leo Vance or Two Bros slip ons and an ECU override of your choice. And a decent rear shock and a set of springs for the front and you have a bike that can work and play pretty damm hard. Wellas hard as any fool will take it on the road.
    I think I am warming to the thing ha ha. Going on Ebay tonight to find an Ohlins rear for it.
    Seriously I was pretty impressed with it today. Specially watching the other guys shaking their wrists and arching their backs after about 150km. Not on the Viffer. It really was comfy. I never got sore wrists or back. My ass hurt a bit after a while though. Bloody Honda seats.
    As for the linked brakes. I am still not sold. I hardly touched the front all day as you can wash off a fair bit of speed through the rear being linked without it locking. I was pretty hard on it and it didnt lock up once. butI still would rather the rear was independant of the front. I don't mind the fron activating the rear but I still hate the rear working the front.
    But all in all for what you pay for them they are a good bike. They are not a pure sports bike or tourer. but they will keep any R1 honest and comfy enough to put in 600km days or more. You cant ask much more than that. I'll be keeping this one for a little longer.